Not quite there

^^^ Unrelated, but current (as in taken tonight!) photo

A couple of years ago, a kindred spirit farther along in the whole raising good souls vocation assured me that someday, someday, my ever so magnet-like children would play independently. The memory of that conversation was replaying in my head yesterday evening when I was in our room after being bidden adieu by not one, not two, but all three of our children. The boys were playing Star Wars in the office, a game that involves the door closed, the lights off and iTunes playing The Force and then The Imperial March songs over and over while annoying our patient neighbors and wielding pretend light sabers. I had followed Elise to the door, upon which she banged her dimpled hands, walked through when her brothers opened it, and then closed as she turned to make smug eye contact with me as she coldly shut the door in my face. 

And so, there I was, basking in the glow of independent play and folding laundry in our room. "Am I there? This must be it," I incredulously thought as a placed a rugby shirt atop another rugby shirt. I listened closely for a bit just to do a quick check that they weren't silently getting into mischief as there is a direct correlation between the amount of silence and the amount of destruction. Nope! Loud as ever. Good. The apartment wasn't going to burn down. I returned to reveling in this ability to fold a load of laundry in one go and started once again to think about the memory of the conversation with my friend when I heard ...

"MOM! Conor glued his fingers together with SUPER GLUE!" 

I guess we aren't quite there yet. 

(The removal surprisingly wasn't bad. Acetone nail polish remover!)

(Concerning how he got into the super glue - I had been repairing toys the day before (toys that had been in the fix queue for an embarrassingly long amount of time), and I went to open a tube of super glue. I couldn't get it open! I figured I had accidentally glued it shut last time so I put it down on a shelf in front of me, and then opened a new one. After I finished being a toy doctor, I put the newly opened tube in the drawer out of reach from the kids, but I didn't remember the stubborn tube I left on the shelf! Conor didn't manage to take the top off, but he managed to crack open the body of the tube, thus creating a whole lot of excitement).