Band groupies

^^^Our feelings post this season's opener. But! You can't stop our fanaticism! ;)

(And he insists that this is the way your ears should be when wearing a helmet ...) 

Every Monday we get to join Chris' program for dinner before they have class. Not having to cook dinner is the best way to start a week. Way back when Chris started the MDiv, Ryan, Conor and I began a tradition. After Conor and Ryan have displayed their lack of decorum for a sufficiently humbling amount of time, the kids and I depart to explore campus during the golden hours. Some days we just stay on God Quad climbing trees, some days we go to the park, some days we feed the ducks, all days it is like herding cats and, in the fall, during the greatest sport season of all, we often follow the sound of the marching band until we find their practice.  

Last Monday, we biked to dinner, then the boys biked to the student center ahead of us girls while Elise got her steps in. I made good on my promise to visit the candy wall, and then we were off to find the park via the band. Groupies, we are!

We followed the echoes until the sound treasure was found and the boys slung their helmets to the ground and ran to the gate of the stadium just in time to watch the last of the sousaphones descend down the tunnel. Last year, Elise was less than a month old and tucked away (sleeping or crying) in the ring sling while we would make the hurried hunt toward the band. This year, she reacted a little differently:

{Press play}

I guess the sound of the fight song played live puts the boys in an emotional state incapable of anything other than barking, but never fear, they do know the words: 

{Press play}

Not to be outshone by their little sister, the boys demonstrated what can happen when you live your life with a Notre Dame football soundtrack. 

{Press play}

I'm in complete denial that this might be our last year here.