Rock and right

Last weekend Chris and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. Five seems monumental to me although I'm no fool; I know this anniversary is merely a handful of years compared to the many we have vowed to have. Still! Five! 

Chris, with the help of generous hosting from our dear friend Dylan, planned a perfectly simple getaway up in Michigan for the two of us. Well ... I mean, the three of us because Elise, my sweet Maggie (pet name for magnet), thought it just would not do to be in anyone else's arms but mine while cutting her first teeth. So Elise tagged along, and it really was fine and dandy because traveling anywhere with only a baby and not two boys who operate at one, self-proclaimed, mind you, cheetah speed is just luxurious. So, thank you, Mom and Dad, for spending the weekend with the boys.  

We loved Grand Rapids thanks to recommendations from Dylan and from Rachael, and the whole day felt like walking through a snow globe with fat flakes falling from the sky. You know, I did comment to Chris that it would have been better to have this five years ago than the dismal gray we were challenged to cheer up. 

Anyway, before we drove up to Michigan, Chris had snagged tickets to see Old Crow Medicine Show. It seems that every time I am pregnant and just about to pop, I can't get enough of one song. It's very similar to my appetite for mac and cheese. With Ryan, I couldn't stop listening to Adele's Someone Like You. With Conor, I couldn't stop listening to Lorde's Royals. And with Elise, I couldn't stop listening to Wagon Wheel. Originally, I was all about Darius Rucker's version, but Chris did some digging and found Old Crow Medicine Show. Wagon Wheel was our summer anthem. I can't hear it without thinking of the summer evening light streaming into our playroom and office and the boys singing every word while the baby in my belly stretched and poked. Here is a video of the boys. (The video is actually very similar to my memory since it is out of focus. I could say it was an artistic decision, but it wasn't).

Fast forward to the eve of our fifth anniversary when Old Crow Medicine Show came to South Bend. Elise screamed if my dad held her, if my mom held her and if Chris held her, and she doesn't sleep through the night. At all. Oh whatever, I thought as I resigned our plans for a kid-free date. She can just come with us. It won't be ideal, but it will be fine. 

Elise danced and smiled at all the fellow concert-goers during the opening act, and then she settled in on my chest for a nap that lasted the rest of the concert. I thought it was going to be fine, but really, it was ideal. I had rocked and swayed to Wagon Wheel for hours with a baby in my belly not knowing who she was other than our child and to hear the song live with that baby I now know as our daughter blissfully sleeping on my chest and with my husband holding my hand was just ... it was just right. 

Video of the song at the concert found here

^^^ youngest and tired OCMS fan after the show. (bonnet made my Whole Parenting Goods!)


If Old Crow Medicine Show ever comes close to you, let me give you some advice: GO! The show was incredible, and the people watching was excellent. Such a good mix of fans! But seriously, I was only familiar with three of their songs, but that didn't matter. Here is a schedule of their tour