Play is work


As predicted, preschool is grand. The very first morning did get off to a rough start. I thought I had set my alarm when my phone recharged, but nope ... we all overslept (which normally doesn't happen ... our children are like the crocodile in Peter Pan. They must have swallowed alarm clocks that are always just ticking and tocking). We had visited the classroom last week so Ryan could be a little more familiar with the place, and I thought someone had informed me that breakfast would be served until 8:50. I confidently told Chris, "Oh breakfast is until 8:50 so Ryan can eat there!" Ryan didn't want to wait anymore once he had donned his chosen outfit (never mess with a ninja shirt, khakis that clasp rather than button, his grey hoodie, Spiderman socks and his running shoes) and repeated, "Can we go now??" every other minute. Conor, Elise and I watched them drive away, and I, of course, started to cry big, fat tears. I sat down on the carpet in my room sobbing, and Conor wouldn't stop hugging me. He'd hug my neck then pull back to check on me and comfort with a chirp, "Mama!" 

Later, I found out from Chris that breakfast ends at 8:15. FIFTEEN not FIFTY. UGH. So I sent my very first child off to his very first day without any breakfast. I don't think I'll be seeing any stickers after my name on a hypothetical gold star chart. Fortunately, they serve a snack, and Ryan was so distracted by all the new toys to play with he didn't crumble to the ground from my accidental neglect. 

Chris reported that Ryan made a beeline for the zebra and rhinoceros and that Ryan's reply to his, "Okay, Ryan ... I'm going to go now ... ," was a simple, "Okay. Bye." It was as easy as that.

Ryan currently calls going to school either going to school, going to "research," and going to "work." What a glorious age it is when you have play as your work. 

So all two days of preschool have been good to us. We are very thankful that we get emails every afternoon of what activities were enjoyed because Ryan is a preschooler of few words. We now have a little bit of solidarity to offer to parents with children who answer the daily question, "What did you do at school today?" with, "I don't know." 

Today was a nice day that started early and will end late. We finished The Witches from this set of Roald Dahl books tonight - our first chapter book read-aloud. Conor was feverishly flipping through it grumbling, "Grrrrr! Shhhh! Then! Mouse! Mouses!" The rest of the day was pleasant, too. Conor, Elise and I hit up Costco, and Conor chatted with me the whole time in his sweet little voice. "Look! Beer?" he announced while we perused the wine selection. Elise hung out with me while the boys napped and gave me lots of grandma smiles while I packaged up orders.  While I put Elise down for the night, the boys watched The Day the Sun Danced because it is the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, but we couldn't find the Our Lady of Lourdes DVD. 

There was actually a mishap this evening, but that bathroom really needed to be scrubbed anyway. Maybe that's why unfortunate bathroom accidents happen - to keep lackadaisical housekeepers on their toes. But! Instead of delving deeper into that event, here are some photos from today. 

^^^ Ryan gave him his fruits snacks from his friendship bag (I wish I could say it was purely a generous alms, but Ryan is weird and doesn't like fruit snacks), and I gave him a Hatch Prints sticker.

IMGL0131 (2400x1600).jpg

^^^ Conor doing his best mom face. Mirrors are not needed when you have toddlers.

^^^ Angry face at age 4

^^^ This is the state of affairs 95% of the time in our house. Elise sitting with one of these or her fish, Ryan being an inch from Elise's face with his pants showing a bit too much and Conor running around in circles yelling. 

^^^ I overheard Ryan shout, "Conor! The sun!" The sun becomes such a novelty in the land of the perma-cloud. I found them dancing on the bed while I was playing The Head and The Heart. Later Ryan kept calling me to so I could watch him "dance!!!!" He was fake running on the bed. So he thinks he can dance, huh?

^^^ Inspecting the new delivery of mugs! Offer It Up mugs and my new Morning Offering mugs are going to be released on Monday, February 15th at 12:00PM EST. 

^^^ And here is a bonus of Elise from yesterday just because.