Ryan Donald, a name

I've been eating up Jenna's posts about her children's names, and I devour all of Kate's posts so why not share how we named our boys and girl?

I've always loved baby names. When I was little I used to throw Babysitter's Club books and Sweet Valley High books into my library basket and then I would wander through the nonfiction section and snag a few baby names books and just read through the alphabet of names. When the Internet came around, I would take great care to scour babynames.com when naming ... our herd of goats. The two does just had to have names that meant queen, the male kids had to be "princes" and the female kids had to be "princesses." I don't think anyone else in my family used the painstakingly chosen names.

 It's not surprising that I can find old emails conversations and chats with Chris from quite a decent way back with discussions about  potential baby names for someday down the road. 

You would think that after all of that baby name reading, our reasoning for Ryan Donald would have some profound, a stars-in-the-sky-spelled-out-his-name epiphany moment, but really all I have to give to you is - we liked it, and there is some family meaning. 

Our list of names had an unplanned trend for the boys and for the girls; we liked Irish boy names and French girl names. Ryan was our #1. People don't normally say, "WOW we LOVE that NAME!" but Ryan Harrington just sounded like our oldest boy! It completely fit. Ryan means, "little king;" perfect for the oldest boy of the oldest boy of the oldest boy. Ryan is also the maiden name of one of Chris' great-grandmothers so we can deem it a family name. 

Whenever we tell people Ryan's full name, I normally follow up with, "Donald is a family name ... " It isn't the best name ever, but I do love that it is my dad's middle name and my grandpa's first name. Plus since my grandpa went to Notre Dame, and we were living in South Bend when Ryan was born, it was perfect that he got Donald as a middle name. 

And I just looked up the meaning of Donald for the first time - it means "little chief!" So our Ryan Donald was born a little king, little chief, and oh is he! 

We didn't put much emphasis on for having a saintly base to his name. We think our names get a passing grade as long as there is just one saint that can be connected. I have all the hope in the world that there will be a St. Ryan someday even with my ordinary mothering especially after reading this the other day. There happens to be a St. Donald, but it is kind of a downer because there is almost nothing known about him. I do wish we had a specific intercessor picked out to call upon for Ryan. Maybe Kate could do a spotlight on Ryan? Hint, hint.