Freshly Picked!

Chris and I always love to pick out traits of our children and assign them to one of us. Ryan and Elise have my dimples, Conor has Chris' double crown. Ryan and Chris have the same temperament to a T, and Conor can hold a candle to my temper.  And Conor's dislike for going barefoot? That doesn't come from me. 

After the boys joined us in our new apartment, we started our playground mornings. Get up, get dressed, get fed and out the door to the playground. Ryan would scurry out barefoot, and Conor would try the same but once his feet met the tickle of grass or a bit of dew fell on his toes, whew! It was loud. Shoes it was. But his little pitter-pattering feet had become not only wide, but thick. Someone joked with us he had hobbit feet, but sensitive hobbit feet. We don't know where the hobbit feet gene comes from, but we held a wrestling match every time it was time to don his shoes. Hand-me-downs are our favorite clothing line so we went through every pair in the box from Ryan and uncles. Nada. Then we got new-to-him shoes multiple times in two weeks each time moving on to the next after being frustrated because it shouldn't take more than a few seconds to put shoes on his sausage feet. For a bit, he was just in old man sandals that would stayed strapped about his ankles, but let his toes loose when he would go "wunning! wunning!" Finally, I told Chris we should put him in my favorite moccasins, and I don't know why I waited so long once I figured out none of the free hand-me-downs worked. 

Freshly Picked makes a true quality product. Their moccasins are durable, buttery soft, let the little ones learn balance with their soft soles and the elastic ankles easily stretch over Conor's cute fat feet. They carry moccasins from size 0-9, and now they offer hard-sole leather shoes in size 7-13. Bonus - all US orders ship free! 

I've sung their praises twice before, and I'm happy to offer a pair to you in a giveaway!

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