Dressed in the gown my siblings, the boys and I wore, Elise Anne was baptized last Friday evening in the Log Chapel, the same chapel we had the boys baptized in, and oh was it a joy. Led by her godparents, our family and friends filled the tiny chapel and our hearts to welcome our daughter into the Church, the priest used an astounding amount of chrism (I couldn't believe our good fortune as he rubbed more and more on! One should never be stingy with chrism) and her soul was set free. Truly, what a joy. 

I've been very meticulous ever since to only wash the sides of her head so some of that heavenly scent has stuck around. Our priest's homily has also stuck around in my mind. I can't stop meditating on and growing in gratitude for one specific line, "It is not an imposition; it's a liberation." What truth. 

Fun facts:
- our daughter who can't normally be described as peaceful didn't cry during her Baptism and stared contently at her godmother for most of the Sacrament. 
- our almost two year old who hasn't seen a full Mass in months sat quietly in Chris' brother's brother-in-law's lap the entire time. I heard afterwards that this was aided by the crinkly Airhead wrapper he was playing with. 
- My grandma came with my parents! She never misses a Sacrament - even when my brother and sister were baptized in the Philippines and Thailand. 
- When asked by the priest if he wanted to smell heaven (Elise's anointed head), Ryan answered, "No." After the Baptism, Ryan did finally sniff her head and declared, "Yuck."
- Elise's antique French lace cap was given to me when I studied abroad in France by my host-grandparents. I had the best host family, in case that was up for debate!
- My friend Alexandra gave Elise a Miraculous Medal that she can wear for every sacrament - definitely brought tears to my eyes, and even more so when she helped me put her baptismal gown on and mentioned that I'll help her put her wedding dress on, too. 
- Her godparents are two of Chris' siblings - Brad and Annie. They make an exemplary team :)