Pass It On

The stores were packed on Saturday. This was to be expected since it was the weekend, but maybe I was a bit shocked because it was a rainy one so I figured people would be propping their feet up listening to the tap, tap, tap on the roof. That is one thing on my short list of living in an apartment at this time - no rain pitter-patter! Although, I do have plenty of another sort of pleasant pitter-patter so lucky me, huh? 

Anyway, my mom and I took the kids to the store today while Chris studied. It was just going to be a girls trip, but apparently my children lead simple lives because once it was known we were going to Meijer, you would have thought we were going to the moon. We're raising cheap dates; all they need to make their day outrageously spectacular is a free cookie and a ride on the penny horse. 

^^^ Conor was holding the horse's hoof when Ryan was riding  so of course then Ryan wanted to do the same? Cheap thrills. ^^^

At one point during the trip, my mom went to grab something, and Conor had excused himself from the cart and invited himself into my arms, and Ryan was attempting to fill his ever-extending question quota for the day and I was just standing there next to the cookies with a baffled "what is happening?" look on my face for longer than what is probably normal.

^^^ Taken upon reuniting with my mom. ^^^

When I came back to face reality and answer a question or two while hefting the very heavy Conor, there was a mom just a couple of feet away with a crazily giddy smile on her face. After a second, when she purposefully stretched her neck back as she passed to make sure we made eye contact, I realized her knowing grin was directed at me and my zoo. A very small zoo, but a zoo nonetheless. It was so heartwarming to be on the receiving end of that smile. That small act of kindness gave me enough patience and grace to carry a certain tantrumming someone out of the store without boiling on the inside. That's an enormous amount of patience considering the level of his screams drew a few, "Do you think she is stealing him?" looks. Nope. 

So thank you for the smile, mom at Meijer! I'll pass it on.