What will you be?

Right now, I am so curious if Elise will take after her dad with blue eyes or if she will be his second brown-eyed girl (after me, of course :) ). Will her hair stay on the light side or will it fall out and grow in dark like mine? Maybe she will be bald until she is past two like I was ...

But all of those coming surprises are low on the totem pole. I adored this Large Family Manifesto when Blythe shared it this morning. Read it! 

In Hatch Prints news, I released four new designs this week as both prints and cards.  Take a look:

When I was reading about Blessed Zelie Martin, the mother of St. Therese of Lisieux, who will be canonized in October, I came across this quote. I knew I had to paint a print for all of those grieving parents who never got to meet their little ones or whose little ones were lost. 

I've been lamenting to Chris that after all my waiting to sniff her head and her tough labor, Elise's newborn crown only has the faintest newborn scent. I'm consoled by her chubby cheeks and the fact that the top of Conor's head is slightly still giving off the best scent in the world.