Our Office with Of Thistle and Thyme

This post was supposed to be published two weeks ago yesterday ... but then I went into labor! I can't thank Kelly enough for her patience. 

Our move was a downsize, but it worked out that we are able to have an office in our apartment. Chris prefers to study at home, and I work from home so this capability is quite appreciated, especially if I'm going to strive to separate working and being present with the boys (ETA: and girl!)

When we decided to move, I went a little Pinterest crazy brainstorming about the office. I primarily was thinking of only what I found to be aesthetically pleasing. There was going to be A LOT of floral. Eventually I came around to the notion that since I was going to be sharing the office with Chris, I shouldn't be calling all the shots, and I needed to find items that worked for both of us. We aren't finished yet, but I'm loving how the room is shaping up. 

I ordered the large (50 in x 32 in) Rand McNally Classic World Map, and Chris picked up a huge piece of foam board from Office Depot (I think it was Office Depot). Listen to me, and don't attempt to glue the map to the foam board! My explanation that the bubbles resulting from a poor glue job on my part made the map look like a globe didn't make it any better. I don't think there are mountains in Kansas! 

My plan to personalize the map involves putting a pin in each spot I've sent a Hatch Print to; I can't wait to do that! 

I couldn't forget to have my favorite poster with my shop's namesake on it. It's a Wonderful Life is also Chris' favorite movie so it fits both of us. The theatre size poster and frame we had before broke and it was too large for the space so I ordered this 11x17 poster print and this frame to go along with it. Normally I frame items using my huge stash of thrift store frames that I hoard, but I had actually run out for once! I need to start collecting frames again. 

My best Craigslist find of the summer came in the form of a $15 4x4 Ikea Expedit (the similar 4x4 Ikea Kallax is $150). This did cause a massive headache when we misplaced the dowels and screws for a weekend and couldn't find replacements, but St. Anthony came through to help our books have a home and make our office look smart. Organizing the books was probably Chris' favorite task the whole move. 

Next to the bookshelf, I created a little gallery wall. We have a Notre Dame painting we were gifted at our wedding, a little abstract painting I did almost a decade ago, and the first print I created a year ago. It's nice to look at to see how much I've improved. 

Lining up next to those items are these custom wood-burned wall hangings. Kelly and I met last year at the The Hundred Event when we were seated next to each other at the opening dinner. Funny aside: she was the first person I had ever met that lived in Arkansas, believe it or not. Kelly was as sweet as can be (and has revealed herself to be even more so over the course of these wall hangings and this feature!). Kelly does all the wood burning herself, and she was starting to dabble in groupings of smaller pieces when we started to discuss what I wanted. I realized that the quote for which I named this blog would work perfectly with that layout, "The sun shines equally on both the cedar and each tiny flower," from St. Therese of Lisieux. Kelly took the images I gave her of a cedar tree, daisy, violet and wildflower and then put her botanical twist on them. 

When we opened the box, I was so excited to see that they had turned out even better than I could have expected. Kelly has a great eye for detail, and the wall hangings show a stunning level of finesse. Chris was impressed, too, and he does not dole out compliments willy-nilly, which is great because you always know he truly means what he says. 

I'm so happy to have these in our office and to have a wonderful way to remember that both the big things and the little things are to be appreciated. They add a cozy and homey feel without being overly floral in our shared room, and the craftsmanship is excellent. 

Kelly is kindly offering blog readers 15% off her entire shop with the coupon code CEDAR. What would you order? I love any of her herbal wall hangings for the kitchen, and I have my eye on this sparrow wall hanging. Of course, as you can see, her custom work is stellar!