Blah blah blah vlog

Well, I did it! This afternoon I recorded the vlog I promised, and it's up in case any of you need some Friday entertainment. I always like watching bloggers for the first time because it's great to match a voice to what I'm reading. But, now that it's my turn, I don't know! It's so easy to hide behind a keyboard, but a poorly balanced camera on the other hand ... not so much. In true rookie form, most of the video is out of focus, oops, but Carolyn assured me that can merely be a way of making sure my complexion looks at the top of its game. 

I did forget one question! What would you change about your wedding, if you would change anything? My answer would be as follows:

I don't think we could have changed anything because there weren't any other places that fit our needs, but in an ideal world, we would have still gotten married at the Basilica and then had our reception in a spacious backyard where we could pick our own caterer and supply our own alcohol. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law had a backyard reception, and it was just tops all-around, especially because we could put our kids to bed and go right back out! 

So that's that! Here it is: 

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