Five favorites, wish list version

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Linking up with Jenna for my first five favorites in quite some time. 

I'm still a minimalist when it comes to baby items. White onesies are still my favorite outfit for Conor. I listed my five baby essentials here. And let's be real, this baby is going to be using same cloth diapers that I bought with Ryan, the same co-sleeper and then the same pack-n-play inherited from Chris' family, and if he is a boy, all the same clothes and shoes and so on and so on. But! I will admit we did splurge a little ... we snagged a $20 high chair off of craigslist just in time for you, Baby. This purchase might also have been because our first high chair was actually falling apart and swayed every time Conor sat in it. 

Minimalism aside, here are five of the want-don't-necessarily-need things I've been eyeing lately for tonight's Five Favorites post: 

--- all-white swaddle blankets  Neither Ryan nor Conor were swaddlers. I think part of it was that both preferred to sleep on their bellies, and then part of it was that I only had one swaddle-size blanket. Of course they were going to bust out of the small blankets! Everyone raves about the aden + anais swaddle blankets so these white ones caught my eye. I've found that I prefer white as opposed to the go-to yellow or green or patterned for gender neutral stuff mostly because we were only dressing newborn Ryan in yellow and had no clue that his jaundice was at a dangerous level. 

--- Chambray linen baby sling - I've wanted a ring sling since Ryan was a wee babe, and we would go to La Leche League (or breastfeeding club as my brothers-in-law would call it) almost weekly because I had essentially no mom friends and that was the place I could soak up all the birthing, nursing, babywearing conversation until the next week. I already had a Baby K'tan and an Ergo so I couldn't take the plunge and buy a sling, too. Then I was delusional when I was pregnant with Conor and thought I would sew my own ring sling because there are some thorough and safe tutorials out there, but come on. My to-mend/to-alter pile of clothes doesn't get any smaller, it just grows. A handmade sling has no chance. But my dreams of a sling haven't dissipated! Nell is always talking about how her sling saves her life, and Jacqui, who is the sling expert, told me that the Sakura Bloom chambray line would be best for my newborn/toddler needs. I checked them out and the color that I'm drawn to is named black currant! You can ask Chris - I annoyingly love anything black currant. It's definitely a sign that I need to keep praying and praying for a used one because $160 is just not going to happen right now, right? 

--- Sophie the Giraffe. Our infant sized one was eaten by a dog and then the original Sophie was chucked out the window on a road trip by a toddler testing his arm. I loved both with the boys so I will probably end up getting them again. 

--- Blue and Gold Baby Bow. I have almost no girl things. Which is fine because, as I mentioned, I'm all about the white onesies, and with the white onesie window, I'll have enough time to peruse the thrift stores and consignment stores to build a collection of girl clothes just to my liking. But! Football season does begin less than a month after the baby is due so I won't deny I've looked at a few blue and gold headbands, just in case. I prefer delicate and dainty headbands, and that one fits the bill. 

--- a 50 mm lens. I love using the 18-135mm zoom lens that came with my camera when I snagged it off of craigslist last year when we are outside, but a 50 mm lens that lets in much more light indoors would be such a pleasant change since we live in the land of the perma-cloud for a large part of the year. 

What's on your superfluous wish list? 

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