Lincoln logs, er ... linkin' blogs

Should I do a vlog? What do you think? Now that I feel like a quick dip into the blogging pond post-move and pre-baby, I thought it would be fun, but maybe it could tank. We will see! I loved Ana's back in January so let's do something similar. If you have a question, send me it by Tuesday, and I'll try to have a vlog up by the end of the week! Key word: try.

And now I'd like to share links I've been stashing away.

First, so many babies! EveyMary JaneBoscoJoe! My best friend's baby! I know I've missed some more, which is kind of an abundant oversight to make, huh? 

I thought this piece on showing up  was spot on. Some days that's all you can do, but it means so much to do so. 

Maybe it was the move or if this pregnancy is just different because I've moved in each of the other pregnancies and I've never felt this way, but I'm all about the nesting this time around. Well not nursery stuff. More like cleaning and getting rid of so much! Anyway, I was a pretty happy puppy when this series on  keeping clean started up, and I want more, more more  (whenever she has time, of course :)).

This post on the shortage of sandman dust is sweet and the bags under my eyes can commiserate. 

I SO appreciated this post on parenting amnesia and aggressive toddlers with babies. I was sharing with Ana the other day that Conor is not gentle past the first few minutes (or sometimes five seconds) with babies and of course within the hour he downright walloped little Joseph Pio. Oh boy. I know they grow out of it as Ryan had quite a few moments and is now really good around babies, but Blythe's honesty about not having a perfect angelic toddler made me feel much better. 

Annie's raw honesty about infertility and big families is a great read. 

I might be biased, but check out my goddaughter's birth story ! What a day full of prayer and rejoicing. 

These are my kind of people. Kate is my role model. You just do it! And I miss having uncles living with us. 

I really want any of these audio stories Nell raved about. 

Arbonne's shea butter is still my favorite. Samantha, the Arbonne consultant who generously gave away $50 of product last month (Anne Peterson was the winner!!) is offering 20% to any readers right now! And Arbonne comes with a 45 money back guarantee. Here is Samantha's website or you can email her at samathastonepsb (at) if you would like to take part! 

And then, here are two pieces by the wise Auntie Leila at Like Mother Like Daughter that I just wish I had when I was a new mother.

-Nursing your baby
Postpartum does not mean one day after your baby comes

Fortunately my mom and my mother-in-law are all about cuddling newborns and weren't discouraging when I just wanted to nurse and nurse the baby. This is how she defines nursing: 

 "*You should nurse your baby. You should breastfeed your baby if you can, and I think you almost certainly can. Maybe you really can’t breastfeed. But every mother can nurse her baby. That means cuddle, hold, and in general understand that nursing the baby isn’t reducible to a delivery system for nutrition — rather, the milk is a vehicle, if you will, for getting to know and love your baby. It also happens to make him grow."

And this is how she defines postpartum: 

 "Postpartum does NOT mean “the day after you have the baby.” It means “one week after,” “six weeks after,” and also “six months after.” Those are your milestones. When you are in sight of one, re-adjust and think of the next. Keep moving that target out."

Did you see that wonder woman, Britt, is giving away Hatch Prints goodies? Two days left! There might be a coupon code over on her blog as well :) 

I was so honored to be able to paint the desktop and phone wallpapers for Blessed Is She this week. You can download them here

And finally, here is my newest print, available in the shop both in 5x7 and 8x10.