Free to be all messy

^^^ Oldies, but goodies of toddler Ryan in some muddy glory ^^^

When Chris and I were looking for our first apartment in Chicago, I told him that one of my stipulations was that we had to have a washer and dryer in the actual apartment. Two parts of the reasoning were that I didn't want to heft our dirty clothes to the laundromat and that I'm a scaredy cat and knew I would be spooked by going down into a shared basement laundry room. The other reason was that I knew I would be so bad at getting it done at all if I couldn't quickly toss a load in. In retrospect, I bet I would be better at folding clothes right away if I had to share a room or go to a laundromat, but I'm so happy that although I like to think that I'm relatively low maintenance, I'm high maintenance enough to demand in-unit laundry. Now that we have Ryan and Conor, I'm not really one to care too much or most days at all if the boys get terribly messy. What's another load of laundry when I'm fortunate enough to have a washer and dryer? Kids are kids.

I've been using free clear laundry detergent since Ryan was a week or so old and his poor skin was still irritated. Chris' aunt told me to switch to a scent free and dye free  laundry detergent, and almost right away, his skin cleared up. Since I already use this, I didn't hesitate to do a sponsored post with all free clear, the #1 detergent recommended by dermatologists, allergists and pediatricians for sensitive skin.  It's not only relieving that when the kids have given themselves a backyard spa treatment, I have a washer and dryer for their clothes, but I also have detergent that easily takes care of their clothes and their sensitive skin.

All of the all free clear line from the detergent to the fabric softener to the dryer sheets are perfume free and dye free which really helps simplify things so clothes that look like this:

don't make me bat an eye. 

However, even though I don't care about muddy clothes and another load of laundry with all free clear, I'm still quite in need of keeping the laundry ship sailing. I go through a week or two at a time when I'm on top of the chore, but I don't have a system that sticks. Do you? Will you share? 

And how about a giveaway? Enter to win a $15 Amazon gift card that you could use to try some all free clear yourself by visiting the page here, and coming back and sharing your worst laundry story or your favorite laundry tip until May 31, 2015. Good luck!

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