Perfect for the Newborn Parent #StreamTeam

^^^ 99% sure Cheers was on in the background when this photo was taken. 

My Instagram feed is currently warm and fuzzy and happy because all the babies are being born! And I love it. I thought that the perfect theme for this month's Netflix #StreamTeam post would be a few addictive shows that are perfect if you are a first time parent with a newborn that either nurses a lot and/or screams a lot and/or sleeps a lot and you really don't mind when the next episode just automatically plays because the baby is still nursing and nursing away or your are still stepping around in a box while bouncing up and down because it is the only way soothe your baby and don't you dare stop! My criteria for this list includes

- the show's run must be over
- the show can't be too heavy and mildly mindless so if you drift off to sleep you don't miss too much. 

- House, MD. I have seen every episode of House. I'm sure everything in it is very unrealistic, hospital protocol-wise, but isn't that what a medical drama is? 

Friday Night Lights - well, Chris and I enjoy watching sports and Chris is technically from Texas so maybe that played into us enjoying this series, but it really is great! I do feel like the last few seasons were not up to the par of the first few. 

- Cheers - a hilarious classic! 

- Friends - okay, I don't think I need to explain this one! The fashion in the first season kind of makes it. 

What are your favorite binge-watch shows? 

I am part of the Netflix #StreamTeam so I will be writing one post a month about movies and shows that have made me happy to have in our family queue. To be totally forthcoming, I have been compensated with a streaming device and a one year streaming subscription to Netflix, but this is a service that I have used at minimum four times a week for the past four years (and at many points in the timeline, everyday) so you can say that I am definitely excited to be partnering with them. Woohoo!