Last night we had quite a milestone grace us with its presence - although maybe I shouldn't call it a milestone since I've yet to see it displayed this morning. But, there's hope. 

I was putting the boys to bed after a very loud hour of Conor demonstrating that although he doesn't like napping, his body doesn't like it when he doesn't nap even more. If that makes sense. Even a bath and then a shower once the bath was bombed turned into a lung show-off. Nevertheless, his exhausted (Ryan's new favorite word) self calmed down with a few renditions of the fight song and alma mater, and bedtime was saved. 

Ryan was up on his bed asking as many questions as possible to extend my time in their room even one second longer. I was laying down with Conor on his trundle, he was sucking his thumb and had his other hand in his most preferred place. He decided that he didn't want to sleep just yet and defiantly pushed himself up quite happily to sit and then promptly opened this book. Ryan stopped from sharing his heartfelt opinion that his dinosaurs didn't have to go to sleep and watched Conor page through the book. The rest is as follows:

Ryan: "Hey! What book does Conor have? I like that book!"
Conor ignores him and keeps "reading."
Ryan: "Hey Conor, do you want this dinosaur?" 
Conor looks up and takes the brachiosaurus with a pursed smile of interest.
Ryan (laughing gleefully): "Hey! He likes it!"
Ryan: "Hey Conor, can I have that book?"
Katrina braces for her ear drums to be burst from the pending scream.
Conor smiles and hands the book up to Ryan.
Ryan: "Thank you, Conor!"

I then left the room and no one screamed and I didn't hear another peep.

Unprompted and peaceful exchange of property. May 2, 2015.

Hip, hip, hooray! 

And if my exciting retelling this tale of lore (bore?), here is some photo evidence.