A Final Sunday

Chris is one week away from being finished with his first year of graduate school! Hooray! we say. That means he is in the midst of finals and is currently writing up a storm. The problem with that, other than a tired mind, is that there was not a storm to be seen this weekend. Fall here is pretty spectacular, but, my goodness, spring is something else. I think I'm mostly enamored with it because there are no coats or jackets accompanying its beauty like autumn does. Anyway, wouldn't it be a shame for such a fleetingly blooming season to be completely missed because of finals? 

We remedied this dilemma by throwing the laptop in my bag and biking as a family to Mass. I adore biking to Mass - you park right outside! It's such a treat that we can bike again after Conor being too little last summer. Conor has hit the worst age for church behavior so we joke that you alternate years when you can stay in church. The bright side is that although this is a year where Conor spends a third to half of the Mass outside, he is old enough to be carted around on two wheels.

After the bells were ringing, Chris took out the laptop and got-a-writing while the boys got-a-gallivanting. Sticks, dandelions, squirrels, birds, the gang was all there.  I had half a bag of Bugles in my bag from yesterday at the park when I'm sure every other parent mentally red marker graded me with an F for bringing such tempting contraband! I jest. Maybe only two thought that.

All in all, it was a simply lovely Sunday no matter the presence of finals. The boys played for hours outside both on campus and at home, and I got a whole lot of Hatch Prints work completed. 

How was your Sunday?