Greetings from the land of purple trees

Sometimes things align, and you get to do crazy things like stay in California for most of the month of May. 

Things can be specified as:

--- your job allows you to work from anywhere

--- your husband has over a month until any commitment at home

--- your job also allows your husband to pick up hours while on break so you can both work remotely

--- direct flights available from South Bend to Phoenix for $83. Yes, direct, and yes, eighty-three dollars! 

--- you have the most amazing neighbors in the world to take care of your home while you're gone

--- your brother-in-law and sister-in-law have the comfiest couch to crash on that happens to be in Phoenix

--- Costco allows for you to be able to rent a car from Phoenix to San Diego for $20+ (just make sure that you rent the car from the correct airport, unlike yours truly)

--- your husband's break conveniently overlaps with the time when you want to be on the West Coast to be on goddaughter watch

--- May is when all of the jacaranda trees in San Diego royally trumpet with their purple blooms as you drive in

And so because of all of that, I can say greetings from California for one whole month!