Stuff lately

First, thank you for all of your prayers for the Harrington family. They truly mean so much, and I think some of the graces have made it possible for us to travel to California for the funeral. We can't wait to be united with all the family even though we wish it could be for a different reason.

----Easter ----

How was your Easter? We had a gorgeous one here both liturgically and in terms of weather and friendship. We had a lovely Triduum followed by a perfectly joyful and relaxed Easter here in South Bend. This was the second year that Chris had to stay in town, and it really is a treat to be able to attend Triduum here. Chris and I went on the date I look forward to the most of any other - the Easter Vigil at the Basilica. I will let you in on a little secret though ... this pregnant lady accidentally but definitely took catnaps during a few of the readings. I really should have drank some coffee at 5pm or something to get ready, but I didn't plan accordingly. I was cooking all day, and then once I sat down for what seemed to be the first time that day, the hard pew felt like the comfiest chaise in the whole world. I was good to go by the seventh reading though, no worries. Chris and I were discussing how we sing extra loud on Easter because there is so much jubilant singing, no one can hear our subpar voices!

On Easter Sunday, Ryan and I went to Mass and then we celebrated Easter by having friends over for dinner. I always end up making way too much food because I'm afraid we won't have enough. We had lamb (carved by this lady), ham, yeast rolls (both brought by Ana!), twice baked potatoes, spinach strawberry avocado salad, roasted broccoli, creamed corn, cornbread sausage stuffing, cran-ras jello, spam rolls (I love spam so I was giddy when my friend brought these!), lamb cake (expertly baked by Alexandra), sweet potato pies, pecan pie and angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries. Like I said, I kind of go overboard. 

It really was amazing and friends that encourage you to use paper plates and who don't judge when your child screams at the highest decibel ever heard? That's some really good holiday company. 

---- Baby #3 ----

Things are same old, same old with Baby #3 although lately I have been thinking that this baby is a girl. I seem to be carrying higher and fuller than with Conor at 22 weeks. I guess we will find out in 18 weeks or so, huh? Our 20 week ultrasound still hasn't happened because it's been rescheduled numerous times. The boys were fascinated with hearing the heartbeat at the last appointment which is definitely a line I would add to my version of "My Favorite Things" ... "... little big brothers that smile at heart beating, these are few of my favorite things!"

---- Anniversary ----

We have now been married for four years now, a blink of an eye compared to the years to come. Chris surprised me with an inexpensive and sweet date night: we swapped babysitting with our neighbor, went to the place I worked in college so I could get some cheese fries and then he challenged me to shuffleboard, air hockey and ping pong on the condition that the winner would get naming rights if Baby is a girl. He's so funny. 

Being the sentimental weirdo I am, I wore the dress from the first rugby formal we went to. I know! Katrina, stop being so crazy!

---- Spring ----

And we will end with boys being boys when the sun shines - shirts off and mud, mud, mud.