Food on NetFlix #StreamTeam

I've been really trying my best at not buying too much food. It's definitely one of our biggest expenses, and I don't even attempt to buy organic stuff! Lately, I give myself dates that I have to wait until to go grocery shopping save for milk and yogurt and bananas and the like which we normally pick up on Sundays when we grab donuts. This means we've been eating less exciting dinners, but that hasn't stopped me from one of my favorite past times - food shows! You would think that watching a documentary about a chef or watching a delicious creamy recipe come together would be torture when being disciplined about our spending, but there is just something about food shows that is relaxing to me. Here are some of the ones that I have been enjoying on Netflix:

The Pioneer Woman: I adore Ree Drummond. She lives on a ranch, homeschools, seems so down to earth and she doesn't skimp on ingredients. I have never had a bad experience with one of her recipes. 

Chef's Table: I don't think I would ever pay to go to some of the restaurants these chefs own because I'd rather eat some creamy mac and cheese, but this Netflix group of documentaries about six chefs have been very interesting to watch. 

Iron Chef America (2010 season) These chefs are so creative under fire! 

Diners, Drive-ins and Dives: Guy Fieri isn't exactly my cup of tea, but the places that he visits definitely are. We've been to five or so places that we've discovered on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, and they have all been belly-rubbin' good. 


Jiro Dreams of Sushi: I watched this with Chris and my brother-in-law (a foodie) a couple summers ago, and it was astonishing to see the dedication of the master sushi chef. It did make me a bit sad to see how much of a workaholic he was and that he was rarely home. 

What are your favorite food shows to watch?

I am part of the Netflix #StreamTeam so I will be writing one post a month about movies and shows that have made me happy to have in our family queue. To be totally forthcoming, I have been compensated with a streaming device and a one year streaming subscription to Netflix, but this is a service that I have used at minimum four times a week for the past four years (and at many points in the timeline, everyday) so you can say that I am definitely excited to be partnering with them. Woohoo!