My pick-me-ups

You know, it's pretty nice that these trenches come with pick-me-ups right down here in the mud and muck.

I always bite off more than I can chew, and then there are times when life decides to be a Filipino grandma and says, "Take some more! Take some more!" Those situations lead to Monday morning when I completely lost it over a towel that was used when it wasn't supposed to be used. The question as to why we would then own said towel might be raised, but that's besides the point. 

I was a mess, but somehow forgiveness allows for a mess of a person to still be welcomed in a hugging heap on the floor next to the overflowing laundry room. Chris hugging me, Ryan sitting on our laps and Conor stretching his neck from his perch on his dad's chest, leading with his pursed lips to give me a peck. My goodness, they're good. The people that use forbidden towels are also the ones to bring the most joy.

Maybe if I ever make my own fortune cookies, I'll scribble that on a sliver of paper and slide it into one. 

Forgive me if posting turns out to be extra light over here! The person with the least hair in this family totaled our laptop so Chris and I are buckling up and sharing the desktop again. We are fortunate to even have a desktop! 

Here is a little bonus video of Conor's favorite past time ... only one minute! The game was a perfectly picked gift from Uncle Brad and Aunt Geena in the Secret Santa exchange last year.