Around the internet

Happy Tuesday to you! We've had a nicely active day with a trip to the post office, lake to see the ducks and geese, dirt hill climbing and boatloads of outside play at home. Now let's pray the boys don't have a meltdown at a group dinner we are going to tonight.

I've been gathering links since February and then I lost a whole bunch, but I've tried to remember most of them. 

First off, watch this animated short about a married couple stuck in their ways. Watch it! 

There is a fundraiser currently going on at Gregory the Great Academy, an all-boys boarding school in Pennsylvania, to help provide tuition for students in need. If you'd like to contribute to the cause, check it out over here

I loved this reflection on motherhood and how her thoughts differ from before

This watercolor world map is pretty neat and seems doable to me

If I had the time or even one half day, I would want to make at least one of these darling maternity outfits from Cotton and Curls

There will be a watermelon for a belly this summer, but otherwise I would be perusing this roundup of swimsuits

Who knows what we will end up doing for school (my oldest is three! we have time), but I thought this post on the myths about homeschooling was well-thought out and reasoned

This post on taking photos and the speed of children growing up was terribly sweet. And Britt is expecting Baby #5! I'm so happy for the Fisk family.

Jenny (who has a brand spanking new site!) hosted a great week of posts for Infertility Awareness Week last week. I loved 9 Ways to Support a Couple Experiencing Infertility and Being Fruitful

I want to read this! I'm sure it's an upgrade from my current reading material

This garland looks easy peasy and would be lovely in my little makeshift studio.

I'm not currently the favorite parent which is a very welcome break from my point of view. This post on not being the favorite parent will be helpful when the sparkly dust on my "freedom" wears off. 

Ryan is four or so years away from receiving his First Communion, but here is a review of books on First Communion and First Confession that I'm going to pin. 

So what am I missing? What are some internet gems that you have seen around lately?