Bah-bah, he waves!

^^^ Post wedding snack surrounded by cute flower girls. ^^^

When Conor says, "Bye-bye!" he sounds like a Southerner. "Bah-bah!" he calls with a wave. 

And when we pray at night, Chris prays, then I pray and then we ask Ryan what he wants to pray for. He always chirps first, "What's Conor thankful for?" and then answers his own question, "And Conor's thankful for Mama's boobies!" Lately, Ryan has toned down the anatomy lesson to plainly declaring, "And Conor is thankful for Mama's milk."

Well, no more. Conor has said, "Bah-bah!" to nursing. He self-weaned over the weekend when we were in California. Now I start saying a timid and shaky hello to the spiraling tunnel of emotions brought on by the fact that my baby needs me a little bit less today. 

But. Let me remember that he still treats my chest as his security blanket so I really should check these emotions at draft section of blog posts because the number of times I glare at Chris while Conor won't be pried from my bosom is pretty high, and the number of times I have to take a deep breath to calm myself down from constantly being needed is even higher. We're aren't saying bah-bah completely ... yet. I'm sure there will be another blog post when we do. 

Until then - you can find Conor doing his thing.