Our Nuptial Mass Beats

Or more appropriately, hymns. 

There were a lot of reasons we wanted April 2nd as our wedding date. April is a cheaper wedding date, doing things on the 2nd had kind of become our thing, and we really wanted the Notre Dame Liturgical Choir to sing at our wedding. When planning our wedding, I wanted the Sacrament and our Mass to be the focal point of the day. I didn't care about a limo, an iTunes playlist and YouTube made for our reception music, my friend generously did the flowers beautifully, I designed our wedding invitations, my mother-in-law baked our cake and the list goes on and on but, we did not hesitate to pay the money to have the choir sing at our wedding. Once someone told me that when she goes to Mass at the Basilica and closes her eyes when the choir is singing, she thinks of Heaven. I agree. We normally went to the 10am Mass together when we were dating and engaged while I was in school, and every time I imagined the choir singing at our Nuptial Mass on our wedding day, smiles couldn't escape me. And sometimes, a tear or two couldn't either. 

I'm not a music expert nor do I have even basic knowledge in Sacred Music so I only had a few must-haves on our list from the beginning. We wanted Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring as the bridal processional, and we wanted it to be sung unlike how it is normally just on the organ. We wanted the Agnus Dei in Latin. We don't even know the Mass in Latin, but I remember in elementary school noticing when my church growing up would occasionally sing the Agnus Dei instead of the modern Lamb of God. I loved it and found it so prayerful even at a young age. My cousin was to sing the Ave Maria, and she did a breathtaking job as she always does. 

That list was our starting point, but then I was stumped - we were getting married in Lent! What were we even going to be able to play at our joyful wedding when Alleluias are "put away" during Lent?  

Fortunately, I was able to get a list of songs we could search through from the choir director. We were happy to find that there were still quite a couple of our favorites that could make the cut, The Servant's Song for the gifts and One Bread, One Body for communion.  Having a mix of common Mass hymns that most everyone knew and hymns that the choir could blow away seemed like the perfect combination for our Nuptial Mass. From there, I just went through YouTube in true Millenial style looking up the songs while skyping with Chris, and we filled out the rest of our Mass. It might be too traditional for some and not traditional enough for others, but it was exactly the Mass we wanted.

Since I figured there might be some other Lenten wedding couples out there looking for music options, I made a playlist on Grooveshark for your listening pleasure! The names of the song are below, as well.

The playlist I just compiled isn't exactly what we heard on our wedding day; our cantor was a girl, we only had an organ and choir at our wedding, no orchestra, violin or trumpet, and Catholic choirs and Mass songs are not exactly a dime a dozen on Grooveshark.

 The Nuptial Mass Music of Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Harrington

PRELUDE (guest seating)
Pilgrims Hymn, by Stephen Paulus
Sicut Cervus, by Palestrina
King of Love, arranged by Paul Christiansen (not on Grooveshark)
Laudate Dominum by Mozart

Canon in D, by J.S. Bach
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, by Johann Pachelbel (sung)

Psalm 34, Willcock, SJ Refrain, "Taste and see the goodness of the Lord"

Bower Lent Gospel Acclamation (I couldn't find this anywhere!)

The Servant Song

Sanctus sung in Latin

Sung in Latin

One Bread, One Body, by Foley
Panis Angelicus 

Ave Maria, by Schubert

La Rejouissance by Handel


Now I want to hear about your wedding music! This is one of my favorite things to hear about.