Questions Seeking Answers

^^^ Old photo on this computer of the boys painting snow purely because it snowed yesterday and I don't have my phone to email myself any new photos.

Happy Monday! (edit: except now it's Tuesday).

I have (edit: had) an angel food cake in the oven for a certain man of mine's nameday celebration (errr, cake-eating ... because that is seriously all he asked for besides no photos... for the whole day! So low maintenance), and two boys still napping. Which is very crazy. Lately I write early in the morning so this, this is kind of foreign to me. 

Aaaaand Conor just woke up. Be right back. 

Back, but both Conor and Ryan woke up. I'll just get straight to it then - I have so many questions that I'm sure you'd be just the people to ask. You were so kind and knowledgeable with all the helpful suggestions when I published my plea for advice when my back went out a couple of weeks ago. 

First, if you have little ones, how do you keep things going in your daily routine with your children when you are thrown a curve ball? I've joking with myself that if you have a busy week coming up, also plan that you will be injured, you and/or your children will be sick and you will knock the side view mirror off of your car. Or if you think you are going to have a regular, hum drum week, all of a sudden you will have deadline after deadline thrown at you while you skate around dragging toddlers clinging to your ankles. I'm getting better at being honest and politely telling people, "No," so that I can joyfully tell my family, "Yes," but I've come to the realization that even with that the world is not going to stop whirling around and around. I need some game plans in place so that when a big commitment comes up, I don't shoo the children in front of the TV, thinking "Oh it's just for right now!" Because I'm learning it's always right now. What do you do to keep things running smoothly when your mind and schedule are crazy? 

Second, I'm a very bad gift giver who is surrounded by excellent gift givers. I'm always doing the truly grateful, "Thaaaaank yooouu," with the awkward, slightly panicked look on my face that I have nothing in return to give. Anyone else not a natural gift giver and any advice on how to improve while having a tight budget?

Third, jealousy. I've blogged about it before, but what are you best methods for dealing with it? For me, it's not a matter of just "unfollowing" or "don't look" because I'm well aware social media appearances aren't the whole kit and kaboodle and most of the time, when I turn green it's with people I know rather than a popular blog or Instagram. So what do you do? What do you tell yourself to snap out of it real fast? The best advice I've gotten has come from priests in the confessional who say to thank God for the gifts that person has and to thank God for what I have. But I'm always looking for more ways to prevent myself from being an unflattering green!


And now I am posting this a whole 25 hours later when this was supposed to be a quick plea for answers. I am so drained from today. I took the boys to two libraries because one has the best story time, but we had toys that could only be returned to the other library. The scene that occurred at the second library scarred me more flying the red-eye with Ryan last week, but less than his birth (which wasn't that bad comparatively, but it was still my first time!). Whew! Motherhood!