In my bag - Lily Jade Giveaway!

Let's be real about what's in my bag: lots and lots of papers shoved in the sides and lots and lots of cracker crumbs exfoliating the bottom of the bag. Here's proof:

My purse looked like this even in high school.  I just seem to have a penchant for making a bag into a file cabinet. Fortunately, Lily Jade makes diaper bags that have more than enough space for my paper hoarding and whatever I need to cart around for the day. 

I'm at this nice lull when I don't really need much in my bag. You can see my other two Lily Jade posts here and here when I really packed them like Mary Poppins. Or you can go back to a year and a half ago when I disclosed that my bag even had dried pancake pieces in it. But right now, Ryan is out of diapers and has been accident free for a good long time so I don't need an extra pair of pants for him. Conor doesn't spit up like he used to so I don't need extra clothes for him nor do I need burp cloths or the like. I normally don't go out with Conor in cloth diapers so I don't back those, and I don't pack a wet bag. 

So here is what happened when my Sarah Grace spilled the beans (minus my stack of papers and mounds of cracker crumbs):

- my cracked iPhone 4
- paper and pen
- baby wipes
- diaper
- make up
- wallet (bridesmaid gift from Laura!)
- aquaphor
- The Betrothed (sometimes instead of the book I'm reading, there will be a skein of yarn and a crochet hook)
- crackers (normally not full, but we had freshly finished a sleeve so I tossed this into the photo)
- lovingly gnawed book
- Lily Jade changing pad
- mini animals
- scarf that I use as a nursing cover

Sometimes I toss my camera in, but more so in the warm months when we are out and about. Tossing my camera and book at the same time does make a tight fit with the rest of my purse posse in the Sarah Grace, but the Madeline is extra roomy and holds them with room to spare. 


Now for the fun part! Lily Jade is giving away three of their designer diaper bags! Here's how to enter: 

-share your "what's in my bag" blog post using the linky tool below,
-share your "what's in my bag" photo on Instagram using #ljorganizeme and tag @lilyjadeco, and/or
-share your "what's in my bag" photo on Facebook and tag Lily Jade!

Contestants do NOT have to have a Lily Jade to enter. Contest runs from February 5th-February 12th. Winners will be chosen randomly and announced February 13th at

Good luck!