Sweeping my own words

This morning I decided that today was the day I was going to hem the too-long curtains in the boys' room. The task was a long time coming considering I originally bought the blackout fabric and the striped  material for the curtain when I was pregnant ... with Conor. Our move this summer and Chris' helpfulness finally got them hanging, but I put them up with frayed edges and brushing the heater which just won't do in the winter. Today I felt productive. So I completed my strength workout for the day by maneuvering boxes around and getting my sewing machine down. I set it up, found a bobbin, went to thread it and discovered that my recently fixed machine was broken. Fine. 

Later I thought I would be a fun mom instead of hopping from to-do to to-do. Last week I had picked up some dinosaur fossil toys from a neighbor. I told the boys to go to the other room so I could get their surprise all ready.  As I put the bones in containers and then covered them in uncooked rice, I thought, "Should I really give this to them? It's going to be a B to clean up. No, I think they'll keep the rice mostly in there. Maybe ..."

Ha! Oh Katrina. 

This is what it looked like when I just released a new product in my shop:

The picture is very forgiving. 

And then the vacuum died. Or maybe it's just taking a rest, I hope.

So here I am sweeping thousands of grains of rice on carpet. With each sweep a few grains go where I want them to, but others just hop up in search of more fun.

It's a good thing it was today that I released these mugs, isn't it?

Offer it up, Katrina!