A is for Atrium!

Today was a very special day that has been wished after for a long time by our three year old. The first day of Atrium. All of his older friends have gone, so we would always tell Ryan, "Someday! When you're three!" As a result, Ryan would sometimes blurt out very quickly after telling someone his age, "ICANGOTOATRIUMWHENI'MTHREE!" thus confusing most people because who knows what Atrium is and who understands a three-year-old speedtalking?

This morning I asked Ryan what he thought he was going to learn, and he matter-of-factly declared, "I'm going to learn about Jesus so I can behave." Well, there is a lot more to it, but I'm excited for you to learn about the Shepherd of Shepherds in your own way, Ryan. 

He kept telling me about how he was going to walk there ALL BY HIMSELF. I countered with the fact that I had the important paperwork that the catechist needed so he couldn't skip out on me even if he were three whole years old. 

Paperwork! I was laughing at myself today as I fretted, "Okay Katrina, you have to remember to turn his paper in. You're a mom!" There is just something about having to turn paperwork in for a sort of education even if it is just an emergency contact/allergy form for a once a week thing.

Today's session was only thirty minutes long so after a smooth drop-off, Conor, Elise and I played on the playground ... well let's be honest, Elise slept ... and I kept checking my phone for the time. Each time only two minutes had passed from the previous nervous check, but I didn't want to be late picking Ryan up. And so I was a minute early waiting outside the door kept company by cute shoes lining the hallway walls. Ryan was the first one out, put his shoes on and promptly went back to the playground. The other children came out with folders, but the catechist told me that Ryan wanted to leave his in the atrium. Later I asked Ryan about his folder, and he plainly told me, "I didn't want to bring my folder home because I didn't want it to get lost." I can take that as either an unsolicited and honest statement about my housekeeping or a pleasant and sweet reminder that right now the biggest decision my oldest has to make is the place of residence for his folder. What a stage in life!