Baby Harrington

Baby Harrington waves, "Hiiiiii!" 

You know, we have had our list of names for years and years now, but I have to say that my favorite of them all is simply, "Baby." It just brings the ends of my mouth up into a smile and begins a happy hum from my lips to hear that almost humdrum nickname that means I don't even know who this person is, I don't know this baby's name, but I somehow already have unconditional love in my heart for this life. And an intense need for sour cream and Spicy Chicken Delux Sandwiches. 

Thank you for showering this new baby with so much love and welcoming! Say what you want about social media and blogging, but how stunning it is to have so many people praying and well-wishing from so early on. 

Some tidbits about Baby #3 so far. 
--- I've never been this exhausted. I've had a job and been pregnant, I've had a toddler and been pregnant, but I've never had a job and two toddlers and been pregnant. I'm in awe of women who have more children than I do and women who work outside of the home and still get stuff done while pregnant!  
--- Many times during the day I have to widen my eyes with the heaviest eyelids to stay awake. Picture a bug-eyed mom. There you go. That's what I look like for a good portion of the day. 
--- I was really fortunate to have Chris home over Christmas break so I got to sleep in almost every day! We didn't do Christmas gifts this year to each other, but I consider that my Christmas gift for at least five years. 
--- Pregnancy makes me turn into a heinous B. I'm serious. It's pretty scary. My temper is short and insane. 
--- We won't be finding out the sex of the baby ... I know, I know, so boring!
--- The reactions so far have been: it's time for your girl! Which would be fun and I do smile at the dainty pieces of baby clothing I see when thrifting, but I truly don't care either way - boy or girl, healthy or not as long as we get to have our child. 
--- Baby Harrington is due in early August, our first summer baby. I'm already praying that this South Bend summer is mild like last year and not like the summer I was pregnant with Conor.
--- The spacing will once again be 22 months. Predictable, I guess. 
--- My desired diet could be described as sour cream with a side of mashed potatoes or sour cream with a side of tortilla. 
--- I've already had one episode where I threw a tantrum and cried when Chris brought me the wrong food home, very reminiscent of the chicken salad incident
--- The ultrasound tech showed us this little figurine at our appointment last week. Our baby measured to be 12 weeks and 2 days along, and this figurine shows how big a baby is at 12 weeks. Cool, huh? Ryan and the truck obviously thought it was very cool.