Un carro

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^^^ I spy a T. Rex that eventually got lost ^^^

We have been a one car family from the very beginning. It is pretty easy to do at the moment when Chris goes to school and works less than a mile from our doorstep. Chris mostly bikes or we coordinate the car, and it works very well. My blood pressure peaks when I think about having two car payments (although now we have zero!), two insurance payments, two maintenance costs and two tanks of gas to fill. Of course, there are some days I get all huffy and puffy and angry text how much I dislike his designated pick up time that falls in the middle of nap time and there are days when the boys fuss and fuss as we wait and I frantically fumble with my phone to find their song of the moment, but we survive and then thrive. 

Yesterday had an unusual amount of drop offs and pick up, and by the time the boys and I were picking driving to campus for the fourth and final time with the boys freshly bathed with pajamas donned, they were ready to be done with the car. It was a welcome sight to see them perk up when I announced that I saw Chris emerging from the building. Ryan's eyes darted around until they landed on the person he wanted to see and his hand shot up in a jerky, little boy wave while his closed mouth smile dug a dimple into his cheek. Conor's chin got higher and higher as he stretched to look over the bottom of the car door from his least favorite perch of a car seat and then the width of his plump cheeks widened with a content smirk. I don't have a picture, but now I have it written down. 

And I was only a few minutes late, which is very noteworthy.