Petite Fleur

Happy Thursday! Hope yours is nice and warm and toasty. Chris rode his bike to school today because it was a balmy fourteen degrees when he left as opposed to a negative temperature. 

I have a lot of great people who provide me an example of what it is to be good in my life, and my friend, Danielle, is one of them. You will never meet anyone with the same amount of genuine joy. Today she is releasing a music video (her first ever!) for her song, Little Flower, that tearfully shows the dignity of life. For years, Danielle's music has been helping support the Little Flower Projects in China, an organization that cares for orphans with medical needs who were abandoned whether it was because their parents couldn't care for them or because of the One Child Policy. They provide hospice care for orphans who are dying, group educational foster homes, special care for infants, long term care for older disabled orphans with no hope of being adopted and help for special causes. 

The bravery and love in the music video caused me to text my friend, Aubry, Danielle's sister, "I just bawled uncontrollably," after she shared the link with me. The bravery of Danielle, her commitment and multiple trips to Little Flower, the bravery of the Little Flower workers and the bravery of those precious children who live. 

I can't really have my words do it justice so here it is: