2014 - Twelve Photos for Twelve Months


January was coooooold for us. This photo is from the day work was canceled for Chris, and it was going to feel like -33 the next day. Ryan turned two, and we cuddled by the fire a whole lot.


I got to sneak into the Edith Stein Conference for a few wonderfully remarkable talks. The boys and I were lucky enough to fly out to California for more than a week to help take care of my siblings-in-law while my in-laws got a well-deserved break! We also received happy, happy news when these two got engaged


In March, Chris turned 28 and Ryan continued to bask in how awesome it is to have a live-in uncle as you can see from the above photo. And! That live-in uncle got engaged that month to our favorite Becca. March was also a hard month when we lost my dear cousin on St. Patrick's Day. 


April contained many April showers, of all varieties as you can see above.  It was also the first time I hosted a holiday - Easter! I wanted to start making a conscious effort to really make Easter huge since it is the more important holiday so I attempted to make a huge feast. After roasting the dryest turkey, I think I'll try to make lamb or salmon this year, ha! Maybe I won't go as heavy on the potatoes either. 


May was a busy, busy month! My sister graduated from college, was commissioned as an officer in the Air Force, the boys and I spent a week in Ohio, and then my brother, Peter, got married to my sister-in-law, Laura! We also went to Chicago for the wedding of our friends, Marie and Bob, and spent a great Memorial weekend there. 


June was the calm before the craziness of July and August. The boys and I went to Ohio for another week while Chris flew to California for his brothers' double bachelor party. I turned 25, we went to Chris' baseball games, and I traveled to Duluth with Conor for my friend, Aubry's wedding. The most momentous event was Chris starting graduate school full time, and oh how we have been waiting so long for that moment.  


Our friends Meagan and Tommy got married, and Chris continued with summer school. We had other wedding related commitments, and then we road-tripped to San Diego which was a trip.. 


August! August was the busiest of the them. David and Becca got married the first weekend in August in San Diego, and Brad and Geena got married the last weekend in August in Annapolis. We also went to my cousins wedding in Ohio, my in-laws stayed with us for a week before we road tripped to Maryland, Chris went on retreat and started the fall semester, we attended the best Italian feast ever, and I was also very, very fortunate to attend The Hundred Event in Dallas and got to meet so many of my favorite blogger friends, and we got to stay with our Dallas relatives. Wow. I really can't believe we packed that much into August. Oh! And Notre Dame football started! 


September was a wonderful time to take a breather. After being so transient in August, I loved getting back to a routine when we got home. I was so much more productive and efficient, too! Ryan got to go to his third football game - and the last ND-Michigan game at that! Chris started to play rugby at school again, we had friends and family visitors through the month for fun and for football games and Conor started walking toward the beginning of the month. 


October had more friends and family visiting, and Conor turned the big one a few weeks after becoming our first child with stitches! I kind of lost my mind this month because my old job and my new job overlapped for two weeks, and we were very much in lowest of standards survival mode. We wrapped things up as Calvin and Hobbes


November was a down month for Notre Dame football as you can see, but we loved having our extended family visit to watch a game! Next year, there's always next year. We ended November by going to Ohio to visit my family and go to Thanksgiving at my grandma's, and the food this year was the best it's ever been! 


Chris finished his finals, we traveled to the Chicago suburbs to visit my work and got to see our favorite Chicago family. I definitely surpassed my baking quota for the month, too, ha! Christmas was spent in Ohio with my family! December packed a whole lot of punches. It was a really crazy, humbling and happy month. 

And that is 2014! 

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