Halloweenie meenie minie mo

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The weekend before Halloween was spent tossing around costume ideas for the boys. I feel like this is the last year that we really get to choose what they go as. Chris came up with the idea of Calvin and Hobbes. Of course he did! I thought it was perfect so I spent all of Monday morning going to two thrift stores and Once Upon A Child. Black pants for Calvin that Ryan could wear again were easy enough to find, but this must definitely not be the year of the tiger because when I couldn't find a tiger costume that morning, I called Target, Old Navy and Walmart and none of them sold them! Good ole Amazon to save the day (although I soon learned that a true Hobbes really should have rounded ears ... oops!) Finding a red shirt with very thin black stripes were also like finding a needle in a haystack so I considered myself lucky when I found a red stripe with very thin white stripes for a couple of bucks. They were nothing a little Sharpie couldn't take care of. 

Jana had let me know about St. Mary's traditional trick-or-treating in the dorms that was happening Wednesday, and I'm so happy she did! My favorite St. Mary's grad showed me the ropes, and Ryan, Peter and Mary Frances ran around Le Mans in a sugar search frenzy. Conor and James were unmoved by the excitement. I definitely see it as a new tradition. Their majestic dorms are huge so a good candy return is pretty much guaranteed, the girls are so sweet and genuinely excited to see kids or really anyone under the age of 18, and it is inside, but you still knock on doors and say trick or treat like the real deal. It's a winner, and when it snowed during the city's trick-or-treating hours on Friday, and I most definitely did not want to go out around the block, Ryan was happy to stay at home. 

(Poor Chris still had to go out to play a rugby game in wind chill that made it feel like 19 degrees). 

^^ Hobbes, Calvin, a knight, a fairy princess and a parrot. Conor and James just appear pleased with the spectacle. ^^

And for a walk down memory lane ...

^^ 2011, Prego Tomato Sauce and my friend, Meagan, is a shot in the dark - she's clever! ^^


^^ 2012 Ryan the Lion ^^

^^ 2013 - a hobbit and his pastry ^^

Was it cold for your Halloween/All Saints?