Oh, is that a new dress? It IS!

Well, I have always known that I am terrible at giving gifts on time, especially if I am making them. I still have lofty plans to finish a sketch for Chris that I started for his birthday ... four years ago. So it isn't surprising that this blog birthday post is occurring when the blog is two years and one week old. 

Last year I got a fancy schmancy custom domain on the first blog birthday, and this year I decided that October 29th would be a good time to make the switch to Squarespace and finally redesign the blog's look. I thought I could do it in a night. Ha! It's been a hair-pulling, head-banging-on-desk, kids-watching-lots-of-Netflix, husband-hearing-I-CAN'T-FIGURE-OUT-WHY-IT'S-ONLY-250-PIXELS-this-and-that redesign. I'll get more into it if I write a post on what not to do when changing blogger platforms. 

^^ Kind of an unrelated photo, but this is what my brain felt like this past week. In case you are confused, Ryan told us the top sequence spelled "Christopher" and the bottom sequence says "Katrina." ^^

Until then, it's here! Cedars and Tiny Flowers' new dress is finished. Well, some of the seams are raw as there are broken links galore so please bear with me for a few weeks, probably months, while I get all of those sorted out. I'm still in recovery code and every element painfully and annoyingly reminds me how long it took me to solve, but I'm sure I'll forget about it soon

My time with this blog has been good. Wonderfully good. If you are new around these parts, here are my five favorite posts from the past two years.

- No Whispers, Sisters - We have many dear friends and family members that I look up to who are happier mothers and have happier families because they work outside of the home. I love that mothers aren't automatically banished to slave over the stove and ironing board all day anymore. This post touches on the flip side of the culture change. I was pretty darn nervous to hit publish on this one. (It's really not that controversial).

- On Marrying Young - Let me preface this post by saying there is nothing wrong with getting married when you're older, if it's for the right reasons, and there's nothing wrong with getting married when you're young, if it's for the right reasons. I only have experience with the latter, and so I wrote about it. This post was one during which I felt most vulnerable writing since I had to open up quite a bit

- Grin and Bear It - Chris' grandpa told me that he loved this tale about my solo flight with the boys which automatically puts it in the top five. He is not one to aimlessly toss out mom blog post praise so I take his opinions very seriously.

- How We Met - I'm so grateful I have our How We Met story written down. (Thanks for the push, Grace). I love going back to read it, and I always end up thinking, "Hey! That was fun ... hey, it's still fun!"

- Birth Stories - I mean ... I think this one is self explanatory.

On this second anniversary of my over-sharing, if you'd like to, I'd be really touched if you would comment with a little about yourself or even link to your blog so I can start following along! How did you happen upon this corner of the internet, and what kinds of posts do you like best? I'm so thankful for all of you, and I'm not just saying that because it's the month of Thanksgiving!


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