Weaves + another indication that I have grandma ways

Another day, another post with WEAVES, I mean LEAVES. But, hey this is what we've got! We may have a dreary perma-cloud in the long, long winter, we may not have awesome waterfalls to jump off of (I can only imagine the competitions that would have ensued if all the Harrington boys were there with my brother-in-law), but we have weaves. Lots of weaves. 

When I posted the cross stitch pattern that I stitched last fallBonnie had sharp and flattering eyes and asked if I could share the pattern for the the silverware cross stitch that was also hanging on the wall. Here you go, Bonnie! I hope this helps someone out there who needs a pick me up for their kitchen or dining room or needs an easy homemade gift idea. 

Go forth and stitch.