From a few weekends ago when Chris' program went apple picking. 

I'm taking cues from Bridget and taking stock. Also - have you read her post about whether or not she feels she missed out on her twenties? It's a good one. 

Okay I wrote half of these Sunday night and half today during a heavenly simultaneous nap by the boys so I'm sorry if this is a bit confusing. Concerning that glorious nap --> see my feeling one down below: God provides. 

I'm ... 

Making: a crochet pattern for this hat as prompted by Camille and Tiffany. Hopefully I don't mess it up because the last time I made a pattern was probably for a 4-H project when I was 14 or so. 

Drinking: not enough of anything. 

Reading: (rereading)  Pride and Prejudice for my book club. It's been a few years since I read it last, and I loved it so. I'm happy I have a little nudge to turn the pages in it again.

Wanting: to look up spoilers for the rest of this season of The Walking Dead, but I'm resisting. 

Listening: to Shake It Off, surprise, surprise! Actually, tonight Chris took Conor to play with so I could make dinner without  a clumsy assistant obsessed with emptying the cupboards. Before he left to go to the other room, he turned on the Taylor Swift channel on Grooveshark. I felt the love. 

Listening, part ii: a neighbor's dog that will not stop barking. It's kind of cute - just don't wake up the nappers. 

Eating: my poor attempt at beer-battered french fries. They taste decent, but their appearance leaves something to be desired. 

Smelling: the leftover smell of frying oil from the french fries which is why I don't like frying things normally. Ha it isn't the unhealthiness of it that keeps me away, it's the lingering scent. And the mess! Poor Chris, this keeps me from making his favorite sopapillas often. I like to boil cinnamon or lemons to make the smell go away since I never really have candles around (I know! What's wrong with me? I guess, I never spend money on candles). Do you have any oil-be-gone tricks? 

Enjoying: watching Chris enjoy grad school. He is the bomb. And he laughs when I say something or someone is the bomb.

Loving: the baby sounds that come out of Conor's mouth. I can only describe them as pure joy. The little ones when he goes, "tdah! tdah! tdah!" or "Oh-ooo! Oh-ooo!" Or our latest Fighting Irish feat - stick his index finger up in the air while saying, "Idish! I-is! I-is!" If you heard it, you would think, "WOW, that really is a stretch," but hey, we are his parents and he was baptized in the Log Chapel so give our brainwashed/brainwashing hearts a break.

Hoping: we win out after Saturday's heartbreaking, and I mean HEARTBREAKING loss. This is the most pain I've felt after a loss ever ... and my class has the most losses out of any other in the school's history! I balance out my grandpa - they never lost a game when he attended. 

Feeling: thankful. God provides. 

Wearing: the same shirt I wore yesterday and the pajamas pants I slept in. They are actually the pajama pants I wore the night before our wedding. I'm weird and wanted to be able to say, "A girl can't get married in flannel!" so I found the perfect white with blue roses pair. Name that movie.

Noticing: the endless amount of I'll-get-to-it-later stacks that I really need to get to. 

Bookmarking: people talking about making elderberry syrup. I really wanted to make it, but, I just checked and it seems looks like the Amazon provider saw that every mom blog wanted some elderberries and the ONE bag left is $350. There goes that! 

There is the end of nap time cry. Tell me what you are up to!