Freshly Picked Giveaway!

Way back when Conor was an actual baby - now that he toddles around, it seems more accurate to call him a toddler, except that I am an emotional mama who can't believe she almost doesn't have a baby in the house! - I snagged an adorable pair of baby boat shoes from the local consignment store. They perfectly matched Chris' boat shoes (how could I pass that up??) so I tucked them away for the million weddings we were going to go to. He wore them to my cousin's wedding. They were kicked off a million times, but I was with him all the time so the shoe police were on patrol.

Fast forward to Brad and Geena's wedding when I wasn't around to be the shoe-crazy drill sergeant mom that weddings seem to make me, I think he wore the shoes for the car ride to the church and that was it. It was back to his sweet barefoot ways. I'm happy I only spent a few dollars on them. 

I still might try to get a few wears out of those boat shoes because, come on, matching dad and baby shoes? Yes, that would be cute, and it would be too good of any opportunity to make Chris roll his eyes a bit to pass up.

Conor has been taking steps/walking for a little over a month now and the temperature has dropped enough that the easy barefoot route isn't really passable anymore and putting his shoes back on so often like the boat shoes gets old. Freshly Picked kindly sent over a pair of the Prince George moccasins, and of course, they are just as great as the Weathered Brown pair that I was so in love with previously. Easy to put on, and they stay on ... until Ryan pulls them off. He is all about pulling socks and shoes off these days. But if a shoe or moccasin stays put no matter how much kicking a baby's legs do, I'm sold.

Hat : Mom.

Shirt: Once Upon a Child

Jeans: Old Navy via Once Upon a Child

Moccasins: c/o Freshly Picked in Prince George

Yesterday we went to four different store for grocery shopping and the zoo, and they didn't come off once. Not once. Concerning his ability to walk in them - they make being a toddling almost toddler much easier since the soft soles help all of this toes balance. Well, that is what I'm guessing because he can't really speak in sentences - or even words - to let me know. It is the next best thing to being barefoot, and the best when it is cold!  

Freshly Picked offers 36 colors in sizes 1-10. Check it out.

  I have found that the colored moccasins do wear a bit more than the weathered brown, but the footprint that develops make for a nice keepsake of his tiny feet. The leather is still nice and strong, you can just see they are well-loved and where his little toes press down. 

If I haven't convinced you on Freshly Picked moccasins, I highly suggest you want this Shark Tank starting at the 32:30 mark. Susan Peterson, the founder of Freshly Picked, has an amazing amount of determination and quite an entrepreneurial. If you don't want to watch the clip, you can read about her story here. I so admire her work ethic. Chris watched it with me the other night, and even he was impressed. Let me tell you - he doesn't care about baby moccasins. 

So! Would you like a pair? So do I, but sadly 8.5 in Women's isn't a size they carry so I'll give you an even better option - how about a pair for your little one, your little one-to-be or your nephew, niece, cousin, best friend's baby, etc.? Freshly Picked is kindly giving away one pair of baby moccasins to a lucky reader. Just visit their site, and then come back here, comment what pair you would choose and enter via the Rafflecopter widget. There are many extra ways to enter also. 

You know how to Rafflecopter it. Good luck! 

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