F-a-l-l, the last five years.

Fall has been making me nostalgic lately so I went back and found my favorite fall photos from the past few years. Also - I really need to go through my photo library and delete many, many images. How many blurry photos can one person keep? I might be setting a world record.

My favorite engagement photo, 2010.

Our last day in Chicago - moving day to South Bend! 32 weeks with Ryan in 2011.

Ryan, October 2012

I wish I knew where that hat has gone to!

37 weeks at the pumpkin patch and then

39 weeks at an ND game with a certain pumpkin named Conor in 2013.

One of Ryan's last days as an only child.

He's here! 

Same trees, another boy, 2014. 

And I'm sure I will have

another fall photo post this season because, come on! There are a whole lot of leaves left up there. I'm only human.