Balance Bikes! - FirstBIKE Giveaway.

Last summer, Chris noticed our neighbor's little boy's bike. He was two and zooming around confidently, as fast as he could go on the way to the park. I hadn't noticed anything about it at first other than how much fun he was having. But Chris pointed out that the bike had no pedals and no training wheels. Yet this little two year old was gliding around on his own completely able to balance.

It made so much sense. Why were training wheels invented when the hard part of learning to ride is balancing not pedaling? We were sold, and Chris went on one of his product research rampages. He read reviews and consumer reports for a few days until he settled on FirstBIKE. He even called the customer service line. He is thorough. I've mentioned before that we are pretty minimalist in some aspects of kid stuff, but when it comes to really useful and beneficial items like a child bike seat, we'll go for it. The FirstBIKE Basic Blue was going to be Ryan's Christmas/2nd birthday present which was a far cry from his first Christmas and birthday when we just didn't get him any presents. When we bought it last September, we were too excited so we jumped the gun. Chris quickly assembled it (it was so easy) during Ryan's nap time, and we wait for him to wake up. Sadly, it was slightly too tall for him at 20 months so it sat in the the closet until his birthday when everything was covered in snow. 

Finally, when it was spring, he finally got to ride it outside, and we are completely satisfied with our purchase. I love watching Ryan and his friends use it - it is amazing how quickly children learn. If you are having trouble imagining what it looks like when a child is riding a balance bike, I put together a little video for you. Please excuse my lack of cinematography skills:  

FirstBIKE from Katrina on Vimeo.

FirstBIKE was started by a German cyclist and dad who wanted to build a bike that his children could learn to ride intuitively. He developed a bike that naturally helps develop a child's balance, motor skills and self-confidence. Here are the specs:

+ For children from age 2 to 5 (with a lowering kit, they can start at 22 months)

+ High-tech, injection-molded composite frame doesn't scratch, splinter, swell or rust like wood or metal frames

+ Extremely lightweight 

+ High-strength yet flexible, and durable material

+ Weatherproof

+ No sharp edges, parts or extruding screws

+ Easy to carry, clean and store (The holes in the frame make it easy to hang from my stroller when Ryan isn't riding it if we are out walking)

+ Sealed industrial wheel bearings to prevent clogging by dirt or gravel

+ Adjustable, tools-free seat with special "horse saddle" shape to provide maximum comfort and stability to prevent children from slipping off

+ Grows with your child until they are ready for pedals

+ Height adjustment at the turn of a knob (It is so easy. Our neighbors and Ryan can take turns on it within seconds)

+ Child-friendly, rear drum SafetyStopβ„’ brake (the Basic Blue bike that Ryan has does not have a break)

+ Lifetime Warranty on frame & fork; 5 year warranty on all other parts

+ FUN and keeps your kids active. 

I have been SO excited about this next part. I reached out to FirstBIKE telling them how much we loved Ryan's bike that we bought, and they are generously offering the winner of the giveaway  a bike in the style and color of his or her choice.

That is up to a $199 value! 

So which one would you go for?! Are you as excited about this as I am? 

THANK YOU for supporting my blog, and thank you to FirstBIKE for this giveaway!

You know how to Rafflecopter it up. (And for those wary about sharing your email to sign up in Rafflecopter, it is just so I know how to contact you when you win!)

Good luck!

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