A Diaper Bag to Rule Them All - GIVEAWAY!

I think since I started wearing purses in high school, I have been leaning toward either a hoarder or Mary Poppins. Anything and everything was stored in my bag. Not much has changed as you can see from this embarrassing yet real post from last summer. It doesn't matter how big or small a bag is, I'll show it what it is made of and pack, pack, pack it all in. This has continued all the way through my mothering days. I'd like to be a Rachael, and sometimes I am that minimalist, but I guess it's just a tendency of mine to fill up my bag. And maybe it's because I irrationally like to cling to looking young while being a young mother, but I don't like using bags that look like I am a mom. 

Thank goodness, Lily Jade, the designer diaper bag extraordinaires, sweetly sent me one of their roomy and stylish diaper bags that don't look like diaper bags one bit. Really!

Check them out. Each bag is made of luxurious, high quality materials and comes with a removable 16-pocket Baby Bag that can help provide a little organizational help either in or out of the bag. 

The Madeline has been wonderful since it arrived on our doorstep. The day after it arrived, I used it to go to Chicago with Conor to try bridesmaid dresses on with Mel and Liz for Geena and Brad's wedding. It was me, my bag, my baby and my baby's major blowout because that is what he likes to do when we travel. Fortunately, I had more than enough room to pack not just extra clothes with my normal caboodle, but an extra baby bunting as well since Chicago cold is no laughing matter. Then that night when we went on a date to trivia night with Alexandra and JJ, I took the removable baby bag out of my diaper bag and easily replaced it with some pita chips, hummus and a few bottle of beer. 

What I love the most about my Madeline is it's ability to be worn three ways. 

If I'm just going from the car to the store, I'll just sling it over my shoulders with the two shorter straps. 

All zoo and no nap makes someone a tired boy.

If I want more than one arm free for hefting Conor or Ryan around, but I still want easy access to my Mary-Poppins-esque bag, I wear as a cross-body bag. 

And, my favorite, if I am biking, I toss it on my back and off we go! 

Here is what I normally pack into my Lily Jade bag:


- wallet

- nursing cover (I just use a pashmina scarf if I choose to use a cover)

- teething toys

- mini airplane toy

- one diaper for Ryan

- one or two diapers for Conor (if I am using disposable, I use two. If we are going with cloth, it's probably a shorter trip and I just have one in the bag)

- a pack of wipes that is only about a third full (I try to rotate wipe packs to keep it at this, ha!)

- small size wet-bag 

- the Lily Jade changing pad

- extra onesie for Conor

- sunscreen

- hand sanitizer

- tissues

- band-aids (I'm not normally this prepared, but someone handed them to me last month and they haven't left their pocket in the bag!)

- pad of paper and pen

- checkbook

- makeup (90% of the time, I apply it in the car)

- Ryan's water bottle

- a million receipts

Lily Jade has just released their new line with four new designer diaper bag styles! Which one would you pick? Canvas? Metallic? Leather? You name it, they've got it. They also brilliantly now sell the Baby Bag separately for $55. They are sold in medium and large in both red and khaki. 

If you'd like to read more about Lily Jade, GraceAnnaJanssen and Merrick all have great reviews. 

Lily Jade is generously giving away a $75 gift card for use on their site to one lucky Cedars and Tiny Flowers reader. Just visit their site, then come back here and comment what you would use your gift card on! This one and this one definitely have my attention. There are many other ways to enter via the good ole Rafflecopter.

They are also offering a discount code for you, my dear readers! Just use FLOWER15 at the checkout to get 15% off your order.

Good luck! 

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P.S. Meggan, Landon and Sarah with Lily Jade have been so kind to work with! They are a fantastic, understanding and giving company.