A sister-in-law-to-be again!

^^^ Unsuspecting Becca


^^^ Too happy. 

Chris' brother, David, (#2 of the 12) has lived with us for more than half of our marriage, and he and Chris lived together for most of the time that Chris and I dated. He was Chris' best man, is Ryan's godfather, and he has seen me in my finest pregnancy moments. (Click it. It's better than the chicken salad story. Let me know if you laugh. The fact that I'm disclosing that is my engagement gift to you, David).

Anyway, he is not just Chris' friend, he is mine also, and I feel very lucky to have my brothers-in-law as my friends.  The whole family has been crossing our fingers and toes since we heard through the grapevine that David had met a girl for coffee ... and accidentally spilled his very hot coffee all over her white dress! I think the white dress was the second sign that this was headed to the altar. I say second because a white dress just can't beat being set up by a priest.

So I am typing this post with uncrossed fingers (and toes, of course) because David and Becca are gonna get maa-aaa-arried. We just have to be sure that David doesn't have coffee in his hand the day of the nuptials ;). Although knowing Beh-ah, as Ryan used to call her, she would just laugh about it and be as happy as the photos above. 

We love you, David and Becca! 

^^^So happy she is going to be my sister-in-law!

I wrote a post about our brother-in-law, Brad and other sister-in-law-to-be here. Brunettes are taking over the Harrington gene pool. Oops.