A sister-in-law-to-be

Photos shameless snagged from Geena

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that Chris' brother is engaged! We are so over-the-moon-hanging-out-in-the-stars excited that

Geena is joining the family. I'm kind of (very) protective of my brother and my brothers-in-law. Brad is my first younger brother so I've always felt even more of a sister-bear instinct. Two summers ago, when a whole bunch of us were in Chicago, I remember hearing that Brad was hanging out with a girl he had met after the event Chris had planned. Upon hearing the story, the protective big sister-in-law in me gave the girl in the story a quick eye roll and side eye in my head. Whaaaaatever. A happenstance meeting in a bar when they were randomly in the same Midwest city? Wasn't gonna last. But then Brad mentioned that her mom was due in September with #10. Ding! Ding! Ding! The doubtful story became a romantic possibility in my mind.

At the end of the weekend, we were headed back to South Bend, but Brad was invited out to meet Geena's best friend's family. A lot hemming and hawing was going on because of logistics, and Ryan's extremely precious car nap was being wasted driving in circles in downtown Chicago during said hemming and hawing. We had done the almost two hour drive home with a screaming baby one too many times, and the chance to drive home with a napping babe was slipping from our grasp. Finally, before I flipped out all chicken salad-esque, I shortly told Brad that if he saw this going anywhere, this wouldn't be such a hard decision. 

(You can read another viewpoint of that fateful weekend on Melanie's blog).

He went.

And now they are engaged. 

Big smiles all around. 

(And I do want to add that Geena DID NOT even guess that I was trying to figure out  her ring size for Brad when I asked where she gets her fashion rings from and what size they come in right before Christmas. Guys, you can hire me to find out your girlfriend's ring size. Joking ... kind of). 

My new sister-in-law-to-be was kind enough to share their proposal story. It made me cry.  

Love you, Brad and Geena!