In a Hole in the Ground, There Lived a Hobbit and a Halloween Costume Link-up


Chris went and picked up some candy for our first ever handing out candy experience. We have always lived in apartments where children and costumes were not aplenty so this year will be fun. I will be manning the porch with Conor while Chris takes Ryan around the neighborhood in search of, "Sugar!" as Ryan is known to run around exclaiming.

I will come back to add better photos when (okay IF), I can get Ryan to stand still long enough for a clear photo of his costume and when I figure something out for Conor, but I wanted to go ahead and set the link-up since I know a lot of people went to Halloween parties over the weekend and might already have photos!

At my last midwife appointment, the midwife asked Ryan what he was going to be for Halloween. I didn't think Ryan would answer the question since we hadn't really discussed it, I had just had him try his costume on a few times because I couldn't get enough of it. So I was just tickled when he gave her a slight knowing smile and whispered, "Ah-bit." I followed the instructions from this costume that Tess pinned a couple of months ago. The pants are Ryan's normal corduroy pants rolled up. The shirt and vest were also already residents in Ryan's closet. I bought a green fleece blanket from Goodwill and sewed a cloak using a tutorial that I cannot find at this moment! I bought some flip flops at Once Upon a Child then wrapped eyelash yarn around them to create some hairy feet. Finally, I ordered this leaf clasp.

aaaaaaand he wouldn't stand still for a photo before leaving for story time with Chris. Hairy hobbit toes crossed that I get at least one during trick-or-treating.

Luckily, my friend, Lauren, miraculously snapped a photo of Ryan and Carson at story time. 

Chris says they look like Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure: 



ETA: Okay we are back post trick or treating and those crossed hairy hobbit toes worked! Got a photo. Okay, got photoS so forgive me in advance. Conor sat with me as cute as pie ... because what is a hobbit without his pastries??

A hobbit, his pie and their dad.

Searching for gold ...hope Smaug doesn't get him.

Share your Halloween costumes here!

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