When I used to walk to work in Chicago, I would often catch my reflection in the huge windows that lined the ground floor of almost every building. Who needs a full length mirror in their home when they live in the city? Anyway, since I was surrounded by well-dressed women, I wasn't completely confident with my changing shape and my lack of business casual and bump-approved variety in my wardrobe until one day I realized that having a body that was housing a baby was actually quite a feminine body to have.

So today when it seems like clean laundry is as extinct as the dinosaurs, the stack of clean-ish shirts that I'm not sick of and that don't teeter on the side of midriff-baring is nonexistent, and the only thing that gives me a bit of fashion spark to put some pep in my waddle is my husband's masculine button-up, I remember that this 38 week 6 day body is a feminine shape to have, men's shirt and all.