Confession of a Mom with an Internet Connection.

Happy Nap Time! Except that it is 10pm as I write this. So really, unless you are a college student about to take a nap before finishing your paper or going out, it is not nap time. Today, I just once again fell into the trap that my beloved nap time can be. 

Did I type the words "nap time" enough in that last paragraph?

I always tell myself that I should do my blogging at nap time. I am alone with absolutely nothing to distract me. Absolutely nothing. Right?

An oldie, but a goodie.

Let's say it is a day that I plan to blog. Bills have been paid, laundry has been folded (ha, does that ever really end?), dinner will be quick enough to make while Ryan is awake, house is decently picked up, etc. 

- Ryan is finally asleep.

- Open the fridge. No leftovers. Not in the mood for anything of nutritional value.

- Open the pantry. Think about cooking something for lunch for an eighth of a second. Shot down by my lack of desire to wash any dishes that I use while cooking. 

- Bagel and cream cheese it is!

- Pop the bagel in the toaster.

- Sit down at the computer with full intention to click clack a post out.

- Open Blogger

- Hmmm, maybe I'll watch Hulu just to have something in the background.

- Start Project Runway. 

- Check

Suri's Burn Book

- Check Facebook. Won't go into extreme detail because hey, you have to keep some things like Facebook stalking private! Wink, wink.

- Someone posted a


list. Laugh and nod. 

- Ding! Bagel is toasted

- Smother on the cream cheese. (Hey! I'm pregnant!)

- Sit back down. 

- Notice the printer blinking. Oh yes, must order ink cartridges.

- Go to eBay with the intention of purchasing ink cartridges.

- See on the home page that they are recommending a lot of crochet yarn to me. 

- What would I crochet?

- Head to Pinterest. 

- Distracted by all of my Pinterest friends' impeccable taste. Lose myself a bit in my interest.

- Get even more distracted by meal plan pins. 

- Maybe I should meal plan for the first time ever.

- But what is the best way to meal plan??

- Better look through pins.

- Explore crockpot meal planning.

- What about Paleo meal planning?

- Somehow I find myself reading about

a woman who planned every single meal for a year

- I can so do that.

- Start a list of meals.

- Get overwhelmed after resorting to breakfast for dinner for our seventh meal idea.

- Reach for my bagel. It's all gone. I don't remember eating it. 

- Better toast another!

- Sit back down and remember that I wanted to look at crochet ideas. 

- See a few cute crocheted snowflakes. 

- I should crochet a bunch for our Christmas tree!

- Where can I buy bulk yarn? Search. 

- Look for coupon codes. 

- Go back to Pinterest to check for what type of yarn.

- Ding! Cream cheese, round two. (With twins?)

- Oh yeah, I was supposed to meal plan.

- Start searching for delicious meals. 


Pioneer Woman

lassos me in.

- I'll have one of every recipe on her website.

- Reach for bagel. Gone. I have bagel amnesia.

- Okay, I need to get it together. Back to eBay. Now they are telling me to look at thread. 

- What was that secondhand site all the bloggers are talking about? 

- Now tied up by



- Boot-searching-boogie commences. 

- I need a boot kick in my blogging arse! 

- Go back to that very first tab in my browser window titled, "Blogger."

- Blink at the blinking cursor.

Cries come from the bedroom. 

Now I'm the cursor. 

I'll be WAAAAH-ight back. 

(We know that is not true).

(Tell me I'm not the only one).