Happy Easter!

The happiest of Easters to all of you! We are so eternally grateful.

We had quite the splendid Easter despite the gray weather that tried to complete with our obnoxiously bright Easter attire. After driving to Detroit for Chris' rugby game, (on 8 Mile Road and where we discovered the most secure McDonalds ever...as in bullet proof glass separating the cashiers and cooking area from everywhere else). Then we drove down to southeastern Ohio to see my extended family. 

At Easter Mass this morning, we had a loud toddler who took my announcement that we could  joyously say, "Alleluia!" quite literally although his little mouth didn't exactly master all of those vowels. We went to Mass at the church that my grandma and most of my extended family goes to, but you would think that only my extended family goes there because my three cousins were the servers, my aunt and cousin were the readers and my uncles were ushers. And if you have uncles who are ushers and you are sitting in the very back pew of the church thanks to your exuberant son whose behavior included trying to make a man's foot a chair while the man was kneeling, you can somehow find yourself carrying the gifts up looking like you have everything together....except that the only one that had it together was my sister who carried the hosts. Chris carried a basket with the donations and a Ryan with only shoe while I brought up the wine and Ryan's rogue shoe. It was one of those classic moments when about ten things happen at once and you just go with it...these moments always happen to me so I guess I should say common rather than classic.

We got back to my grandma's for a delicious breakfast, lunch and Easter egg hunt during which Ryan either played with gravel  or had Cadbury mini egg juice dripping out of his mouth. I think it's safe to say we have another year before Ryan cares about the hunt. And I'll say this many more times in the existence of this blog, but I love being part of a family where a gathering of 50 family members is just a sampling of the whole clan. Big families are something special...thanks, Grandma!

On to some photos!

Me: Cardigan  from a yard sale years ago, blouse borrowed from my sister, skirt from Forever XXI from while ago as well, pumpsLauren Ralph Lauren via Marshall's.

Family photo: No, Chris didn't wear this outfit to Easter Mass; he just isn't fifteen months old, has a mind of his own and changed pre-photo.

Went for the dressy bow-tie with the casual untucked shirt with a pair of cords because if you can't get away with an untucked shirt at fifteen months, then when can you?

Hat: Zara, Shirt: Once Upon a Child, Shoe and cords: the ones he wears in every photo, purple polka dot bow tie: my sewing machine. 

Hanging out with Grandpa

A path of rocks and a bag of rocks ;)

My grandma's traditional lamb cake!

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