Like Mother or Like Father?

It has always been known that I wasn't the most fortunate looking baby. Ask any of my girl cousins, my husband, but definitely not my mother. And it has always been proclaimed that Ryan, "Looks juuuuust liiiiike yooouuu, Katrina!" I always kindly reminded Chris that 1) Ryan has his lips 2) he knew what he was getting into when a recessive-gened guy married a dominant-gened girl and 3) Ryan must have at least a little bit of Chris because he looks a lot cuter than I ever did (biased mother alert!). Chris would just shake his head at my logic. 

Well, I am here to show the photos that finally caused Chris to text me back, "Haha...I think Ryan looks like me."

We both liked nakey nakey time as babies

Full disclosure: when I showed my mom the picture on the left she looked puzzled and asked who it was.  I guess I wasn't a baby only a mother could love.

And now for the kicker...


Scary vs. Awww

Well one thing is for sure...with those locks, we both could have been baby hair models.