Ad-ROAR-able Halloween Happenings

Trick-or-treating, Halloween 2012


ur Halloween festivities started last week when Chris' department threw a Halloween party like I mentioned


. In true Katrina style, I was working on Ryan's lion hat up until Chris picked us up for the party. Oops! 

Checking out Toto in the Land of Oz

On Halloween morning, Chris texted me that he needed to bring a dish to a Halloween potluck at work and that he could pick something up or I could make something. He knows me well. I weighed my options in my head, decided that baking sounded more fun that folding laundry and texted back that I was in! Two hours later, he came home to these:

Wicked Witch Finger Cookies

I found the recipe on

Passion for Parties

. I didn't have the gel food coloring, but Chris said they looked gross enough without it. They were actually pretty easy to make, and they tasted like the cookie part of Pepperidge Farms Milano cookies, in my opinion. 

Now, our little lion, isn't exactly old enough for candy...but how could we pass on trick or treating?! We wanted to get to know the community better so we went around a block and introduced ourselves which actually worked out well. Ryan was able to grab candy out of buckets and, minus some Halloween pretzels, he did pretty well for himself (read: for us bwahaha)! 


So that was our first Halloween with Ryan outside of the womb. Today we went to Mass for All Saints Day. When we were walking in the communion line, Ryan was going, "Tsta! Tsta! Tsta!" and spitting like the family in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Pleasant. Happy All Saints Day!