Baby spiders and Netflix, take the wheel. (#StreamTeam)

^^^ Ryan reveling in his change to stay up past his bedtime watching Netflix when my sister and mom were here two weeks ago ^^^

Last night was crazy, and I really hope it doesn't repeat itself. Our fire alarms went off at 2:30am, 3:00am and 4:00am for what seemed to be no reason. We checked everything that could possibly give off smoke and nada. After the second time, we were bewildered to groggily discover that what looked to be easily one hundred baby spiders had hatched and were scurrying around the smoke detector, which Google had informed me could cause false alarms. The spiders were quite the sight, and we were quite the sight. 

As you would expect, sleep sorrily stayed away for most of the rest of the night. I had already kept Chris and I up late having a crying fit as I tend to have about all that has to be done over the next six weeks so to be woken up in a panic multiple times and then have two awoken boys in your bed that treat you like a playground and well-loved stuffed animal from 3:00am to 6:00am really made me rely on Netflix today without any guilt. 

Here are the movies that we've been had as our go-to selections on Netflix:

1) Prince of Egypt - the music is fantastic in this adaptation of the story of Moses. Ryan's fleeting and random theological musings while watching The Prince of Egypt definitely makes Chris, the theology nerd, smile.

2) Mulan - Ryan's current favorite song is currently, "I'll Make a Man Out of You," and he knows the words very well except that Make a Man is pronounced meck-a-man very assertively in his opinion. He also thinks that Shang's name is Meck-a-man. 

3) Hercules - I love picking up on the jokes in Hercules that went over my head when it was released when I was a child. For example:

Hercules talking to Meg: "And that Oedipus play! Man, and I thought I had problems"


I am part of the Netflix #StreamTeam so I will be writing one post a month about movies and shows that have made me happy to have in our family queue. To be totally forthcoming, I have been compensated with a streaming device and a one year streaming subscription to Netflix, but this is a service that I have used at minimum four times a week for the past four years (and at many points in the timeline, everyday) so you can say that I am definitely excited to be partnering with them. Woohoo!

And! In Hatch Prints news, I am running a free shipping sale until midnight PDT tonight (6/30)! Order by then and your shipping will be refunded. US orders only. 

Roundhouse reminders

I'll be the first to admit that I very gratefully love being pregnant. I do have crosses to bear, but carrying and bearing children isn't one of them ... yet. It's highly possible I'll be offering up a different tune down the road. However, as doubly alive as I feel to be the home for my third born, expecting while caring for a three year old and one year old with other stuff on the side does not escape from being draining. It's as if each day I'm in a very needed bath of patience with a broken stopper.  Each day, I am surrounded by adorable pronunciations, sweet kisses, hilarious conversations and helpful obedience, but I also spend my time surrounded by whining, screaming, fussing, fighting, defiance along with a side of varicose veins and hormones provided by myself, all of which amplifies the increasing speed of my patience glug-glug-glugging down the drain well before I'm ready to stop taking a peaceful bath. Glug, glug, glug. 

And yet, I jokingly told Chris at dinner tonight that I think I always should be pregnant when I'm battling picky eaters. And I thought it again an hour later that I always should be pregnant when I'm collapsing on my bed, releasing a sob from bedtime frustration and lost tempers on both sides. It sounds like it doesn't follow, but when I'm utterly annoyed and extremely exasperated, the Baby can roundhouse my raging emotions with some kicking and jabbing and poking. Those indescribable jabs and the accompanying wonder of who I'll meet in seven or so weeks time make me recall the same wonder and the same blossom of unconditional love that I felt shortly ago when my tantrummers and whiners were individually taking their own turns in the first home they'd inhabit.

Oh! Oh! I pined to know who you were! And now I know I get to know you every single day, whines and screams or not. I get to know you! 

It's enough to make me wipe the tears away and go back into the bedroom with an apology for lost tempers and to exit after receiving forgiveness. 

So let's hope this baby will have a sibling someday that perfectly times his or her pokes, yeah? 

Not a valid ID

June! Destined to by my favorite month since it is my birthday month, after all. I turned 26 a couple of weeks ago. I won't wax poetic about 26 being my year or about being wiser or about feeling just so different because I feel quite the same. However, it was a lovely day because Chris hadn't started summer classes yet so he was home so I got to spend a good portion of the day painting what would become this print: 

^^^ I'm hoping to release this one in the shop on Friday! ^^^

Poor Conor had gone from extremely irritable which we were attributing to jet lag post our month on Pacific Time to lethargic and feverish so we made a family trip to the doctor's office where he was diagnosed with an ear infection. Poor baby. We made a pitstop at Chick-fil-a for a treat for him and a first birthday dinner for me when we drove to pick up his prescription. (He's much, much better now, thank you, God!)

Then we had pie. Okay, I think this story is really cool - Chris had asked what kind of cake I wanted him to bake for me, and I had replied with a mischievous smile that I did not want cake, I wanted fried bananas knowing full well what that banana hater's reaction would be. I won't type his reply, but it did include some laughing. I went on to teasingly say that I really didn't want cake, and that I wanted strawberry-rhubarb pie. I don't think my husband even knows where the flour is located in our pantry, let alone what rhubarb looks like, ha. After the teasing laughter had subsided, I told him to just have the boys pick out a cake mix for me because they would enjoy it best since I'm more of a savory girl when expecting.  So then Chris went to pick up mac and cheese for lunch, and then stopped in at the bakery across the street and get this ... they had ONE PIE and it was a strawberry-rhubarb pie! 

I can't be the only one who thinks there was something divine happening. 

^^^ Extra perk to having a husband who is three years older than I am? We never have to buy birthday candles to have my correct age! ^^^

Conor blew out my candles preemptively, and I was serenaded. We all ate pie, which was simply scrumptious and just sweet enough. That's what I love about strawberry-rhubarb pie. 

Then the boys were cuddled to sleep, and when I could tell that Conor was down for the night and comfortable (and thanks to our neighbor friend!), Chris and I crept out for a very quick second dinner. When we left, I told Chris that I wasn't bringing my purse because I didn't need anything! Freedom! However, the hostess sat us in the bar area and since I've been a waitress in Indiana, I knew this was going to be short-lived. Indiana has super strict ID laws about bar areas (when I was a waitress, I was required to ID everyone who looked under 70 ... I know), but we decided to try it out anyway and take a risk since we could see the TV for the NBA finals. I mean, I look like a twenty-six year old and I was very visibly pregnant. Nevertheless, the waitress came and asked for our IDs and when I couldn't give one other than, "I'm pregnant! It's my 26th birthday!" we got the boot to the main dining area. So PSA: pregnancy does not exempt you from Indiana ID laws. 

All in all, it was a delightful day. 

June has flown by! I'm working on purging lots of clutter and my mind is in nesting overdrive. And I just released this print in the shop yesterday!

Happy Wednesday!  

29 weeks

I can't tell you how many times I've click-clacked "how many weeks am i," into the Google search bar. It doesn't mean I love you any less, Baby, it just means you have siblings.

My update for 29 weeks is pretty much 




I'm a really boring lady who is in the family way. 

I actually started this post at 27 weeks and some days, and now two weeks later, I'm posting it with almost nothing to add pregnancy wise! Baby moves a lot more now, and it is gloriously fun. Also, this is my first pregnancy that ends in the summer, and I do declare that being barefoot and pregnant is better than being in snow boots and pregnant. Well, so far. 

I did run into a man a few weeks ago when I was scouting out local printers for our time in San Diego, and his reaction to me having three children was very positive and kind, but very astounded because he thought three was so many! "Three! Wow!" he kept shaking his head with a smile. This was funny to me because I am one of three, and we've never thought we had a big family or a lot of kids. I also got a similar reaction at a wedding recently when an acquaintance told me that I was, "Getting up in the numbers," since this was my third. Do you think three is getting up in the numbers? 

Oh, and this was all the rage a while ago on Facebook, but If I were named today, I would be Aurora. Chris would be Liam. Ryan would be Carter. Conor would be Kristopher if spelled with one 'n' and Nicholas if going with the Connor spelling.

Thank you to my sister-in-law, Erin, for snapping the photos and for letting me wear her dress :) 

Perfect for the Newborn Parent #StreamTeam

^^^ 99% sure Cheers was on in the background when this photo was taken. 

My Instagram feed is currently warm and fuzzy and happy because all the babies are being born! And I love it. I thought that the perfect theme for this month's Netflix #StreamTeam post would be a few addictive shows that are perfect if you are a first time parent with a newborn that either nurses a lot and/or screams a lot and/or sleeps a lot and you really don't mind when the next episode just automatically plays because the baby is still nursing and nursing away or your are still stepping around in a box while bouncing up and down because it is the only way soothe your baby and don't you dare stop! My criteria for this list includes

- the show's run must be over
- the show can't be too heavy and mildly mindless so if you drift off to sleep you don't miss too much. 

- House, MD. I have seen every episode of House. I'm sure everything in it is very unrealistic, hospital protocol-wise, but isn't that what a medical drama is? 

Friday Night Lights - well, Chris and I enjoy watching sports and Chris is technically from Texas so maybe that played into us enjoying this series, but it really is great! I do feel like the last few seasons were not up to the par of the first few. 

- Cheers - a hilarious classic! 

- Friends - okay, I don't think I need to explain this one! The fashion in the first season kind of makes it. 

What are your favorite binge-watch shows? 

I am part of the Netflix #StreamTeam so I will be writing one post a month about movies and shows that have made me happy to have in our family queue. To be totally forthcoming, I have been compensated with a streaming device and a one year streaming subscription to Netflix, but this is a service that I have used at minimum four times a week for the past four years (and at many points in the timeline, everyday) so you can say that I am definitely excited to be partnering with them. Woohoo!