How we survived

How we survived a gruesome stomach bug a couple of weeks ago that is. It wasn't that bad since it wasn't the actual influenza, but when you are the sole parent at home with the children and all three of you are having trouble keeping anything down or in, it seems like it is that bad. Standards went very low very fast. I was not ashamed to play Netflix the whole day until Chris came home on the days we were sick. Here's what we watched/what I tried to ignore while reading this incredible book

- A boatload of Sesame Street - I normally like the classic ones. 
- All the Baby Genius movies available. 
- The Very Hungry Caterpillar
- So many episodes of Bob the Builder
- Pocahontas

I was so very thankful to have Netflix as our entertainment especially since Conor didn't really experience any reduced energy and I was spent. What are you favorite movies to watch when you are sick? Did you completely escape illness this winter? I hope so! 

Thanks, Netflix for having me be a part of the #StreamTeam!

Twenty-ten and other things

Just some tidbits from February 26, 2015 that would be fun not to forget. 

- Ryan counts: twenty-six, twenty-WEVEN, twenty-eight, twenty-nine, twenty-TEN and his thirty sounds like forty and his forty sounds like forty.

- Conor loves jumping on the bottom bunk and laughs the hardest when his noggin hits the bottom of the top bunk ... and then he does it again. And again.

- Ryan asked for salad at lunch.

- Conor's surprised, quick gasp and closed-eye smile when I open the blinds.

- REALLY NEED A NAP was the thought going through my mind for most of the day.

- I stretched watercolor paper for the first time ever with the help of YouTube tutorials so we will see how that goes. Ryan yelled, "Go Mom! Yeah! You're strong!" when I was stapling the paper to the wood. 

- Life moves extra fast when you thought someone was arriving for the weekend on Friday, and then you hear, "I'll be there in 20 minutes!" on Thursday. Oh the times I wish I were OCD about housekeeping.  

- Ryan is three and still very much needs his mom when he wakes up from a nap. I dashed off alone to pick up Chris from work since my friend was home, and me not being there when the pitiful dragon woke up made the next hour extra weepy. 

- We let the boys stay up extra late because The Sandlot was on TV. Ryan was actually into the movie and curled up on my lap repeatedly asking where "The Beast??" and the ball was, and Conor was tired enough to just sweetly lay his head down on Chris' chest with his hand on my chest, per usual. Eventually he was so sleepy, he released his security blanket (me) and just relaxed on Chris while casually barking whenever Hercules the dog came onto the screen. I like being one giant group hug on the couch with my boys.

The happiest of Fridays to you and you and you! 

Seasons and sounds

I guess I could write about the soundtrack to life with my toddler and little boy. But this morning I only have about 13 minutes and they are counting down quickly so I'll save a nice descriptive post on that for a day when I have both ample time and ability to be stationary without falling asleep. 

But really, let's think about it. 

In the spring, shouts (screams) of joy are released when they see the sun, sun, sun! and are outside for longer than half an hour (or ten minutes which has been Ryan's limit this winter ... just long enough to warrant some hot choc-o-wate). 

In the summer, shouts (screams) of rambunctiousness escape every single day we gloriously go out and run, run, run! and actually see the AIRPLANES flying in the sky instead of merely hearing their sound and looking up only to see the dense permacloud of winter. Also, screams of ice cream, of course. 

In the fall, shouts (screams) of blind encouragement shoot out as they cheer during a game where they merely know people tackle and score and our team has won! won! won! (or at least we hope ... ) Also, screams abound as leaves and boys jump up and down. 

In the winter, shouts (screams) of competitiveness battle back and forth as they take turns screaming at each other for the fun, fun, fun! of it and I sit puzzled that this game actually sounds quieter to me than the constant questions from which I'm getting a brief reprieve. Winter in our house could be described as a quest for consistency in discipline, but then realizing that my little boy has been too quiet, tip-toeing to find him eating and smearing donuts everywhere and quietly tip-toeing back out of sight because, oh well, it's nice and quiet, isn't it? 

And there, they scream. 

In my bag - Lily Jade Giveaway!

Let's be real about what's in my bag: lots and lots of papers shoved in the sides and lots and lots of cracker crumbs exfoliating the bottom of the bag. Here's proof:

My purse looked like this even in high school.  I just seem to have a penchant for making a bag into a file cabinet. Fortunately, Lily Jade makes diaper bags that have more than enough space for my paper hoarding and whatever I need to cart around for the day. 

I'm at this nice lull when I don't really need much in my bag. You can see my other two Lily Jade posts here and here when I really packed them like Mary Poppins. Or you can go back to a year and a half ago when I disclosed that my bag even had dried pancake pieces in it. But right now, Ryan is out of diapers and has been accident free for a good long time so I don't need an extra pair of pants for him. Conor doesn't spit up like he used to so I don't need extra clothes for him nor do I need burp cloths or the like. I normally don't go out with Conor in cloth diapers so I don't back those, and I don't pack a wet bag. 

So here is what happened when my Sarah Grace spilled the beans (minus my stack of papers and mounds of cracker crumbs):

- my cracked iPhone 4
- paper and pen
- baby wipes
- diaper
- make up
- wallet (bridesmaid gift from Laura!)
- aquaphor
- The Betrothed (sometimes instead of the book I'm reading, there will be a skein of yarn and a crochet hook)
- crackers (normally not full, but we had freshly finished a sleeve so I tossed this into the photo)
- lovingly gnawed book
- Lily Jade changing pad
- mini animals
- scarf that I use as a nursing cover

Sometimes I toss my camera in, but more so in the warm months when we are out and about. Tossing my camera and book at the same time does make a tight fit with the rest of my purse posse in the Sarah Grace, but the Madeline is extra roomy and holds them with room to spare. 


Now for the fun part! Lily Jade is giving away three of their designer diaper bags! Here's how to enter: 

-share your "what's in my bag" blog post using the linky tool below,
-share your "what's in my bag" photo on Instagram using #ljorganizeme and tag @lilyjadeco, and/or
-share your "what's in my bag" photo on Facebook and tag Lily Jade!

Contestants do NOT have to have a Lily Jade to enter. Contest runs from February 5th-February 12th. Winners will be chosen randomly and announced February 13th at

Good luck!

Baby Harrington

Baby Harrington waves, "Hiiiiii!" 

You know, we have had our list of names for years and years now, but I have to say that my favorite of them all is simply, "Baby." It just brings the ends of my mouth up into a smile and begins a happy hum from my lips to hear that almost humdrum nickname that means I don't even know who this person is, I don't know this baby's name, but I somehow already have unconditional love in my heart for this life. And an intense need for sour cream and Spicy Chicken Delux Sandwiches. 

Thank you for showering this new baby with so much love and welcoming! Say what you want about social media and blogging, but how stunning it is to have so many people praying and well-wishing from so early on. 

Some tidbits about Baby #3 so far. 
--- I've never been this exhausted. I've had a job and been pregnant, I've had a toddler and been pregnant, but I've never had a job and two toddlers and been pregnant. I'm in awe of women who have more children than I do and women who work outside of the home and still get stuff done while pregnant!  
--- Many times during the day I have to widen my eyes with the heaviest eyelids to stay awake. Picture a bug-eyed mom. There you go. That's what I look like for a good portion of the day. 
--- I was really fortunate to have Chris home over Christmas break so I got to sleep in almost every day! We didn't do Christmas gifts this year to each other, but I consider that my Christmas gift for at least five years. 
--- Pregnancy makes me turn into a heinous B. I'm serious. It's pretty scary. My temper is short and insane. 
--- We won't be finding out the sex of the baby ... I know, I know, so boring!
--- The reactions so far have been: it's time for your girl! Which would be fun and I do smile at the dainty pieces of baby clothing I see when thrifting, but I truly don't care either way - boy or girl, healthy or not as long as we get to have our child. 
--- Baby Harrington is due in early August, our first summer baby. I'm already praying that this South Bend summer is mild like last year and not like the summer I was pregnant with Conor.
--- The spacing will once again be 22 months. Predictable, I guess. 
--- My desired diet could be described as sour cream with a side of mashed potatoes or sour cream with a side of tortilla. 
--- I've already had one episode where I threw a tantrum and cried when Chris brought me the wrong food home, very reminiscent of the chicken salad incident
--- The ultrasound tech showed us this little figurine at our appointment last week. Our baby measured to be 12 weeks and 2 days along, and this figurine shows how big a baby is at 12 weeks. Cool, huh? Ryan and the truck obviously thought it was very cool.