A Final Sunday

Chris is one week away from being finished with his first year of graduate school! Hooray! we say. That means he is in the midst of finals and is currently writing up a storm. The problem with that, other than a tired mind, is that there was not a storm to be seen this weekend. Fall here is pretty spectacular, but, my goodness, spring is something else. I think I'm mostly enamored with it because there are no coats or jackets accompanying its beauty like autumn does. Anyway, wouldn't it be a shame for such a fleetingly blooming season to be completely missed because of finals? 

We remedied this dilemma by throwing the laptop in my bag and biking as a family to Mass. I adore biking to Mass - you park right outside! It's such a treat that we can bike again after Conor being too little last summer. Conor has hit the worst age for church behavior so we joke that you alternate years when you can stay in church. The bright side is that although this is a year where Conor spends a third to half of the Mass outside, he is old enough to be carted around on two wheels.

After the bells were ringing, Chris took out the laptop and got to writing while the boys got to gallivanting. Sticks, dandelions, squirrels, birds, the gang was all there.  I had half a bag of Bugles in my bag from yesterday at the park when I'm sure every other parent mentally  red marker graded me with an F for bringing such tempting contraband! I jest. Maybe only two thought that.

All in all, it was a simply lovely Sunday no matter the presence of finals. The boys played for hours outside both on campus and at home, and I got a whole lot of Hatch Prints work completed. 

How was your Sunday? Here are more photos from ours:


Last night we had quite a milestone grace us with its presence - although maybe I shouldn't call it a milestone since I've yet to see it displayed this morning. But, there's hope. 

I was putting the boys to bed after a very loud hour of Conor demonstrating that although he doesn't like napping, his body doesn't like it when he doesn't nap even more. If that makes sense. Even a bath and then a shower once the bath was bombed turned into a lung show-off. Nevertheless, his exhausted (Ryan's new favorite word) self calmed down with a few renditions of the fight song and alma mater, and bedtime was saved. 

Ryan was up on his bed asking as many questions as possible to extend my time in their room even one second longer. I was laying down with Conor on his trundle, he was sucking his thumb and had his other hand in his most preferred place. He decided that he didn't want to sleep just yet and defiantly pushed himself up quite happily to sit and then promptly opened this book. Ryan stopped from sharing his heartfelt opinion that his dinosaurs didn't have to go to sleep and watched Conor page through the book. The rest is as follows:

Ryan: "Hey! What book does Conor have? I like that book!"
Conor ignores him and keeps "reading."
Ryan: "Hey Conor, do you want this dinosaur?" 
Conor looks up and takes the brachiosaurus with a pursed smile of interest.
Ryan (laughing gleefully): "Hey! He likes it!"
Ryan: "Hey Conor, can I have that book?"
Katrina braces for her ear drums to be burst from the pending scream.
Conor smiles and hands the book up to Ryan.
Ryan: "Thank you, Conor!"

I then left the room and no one screamed and I didn't hear another peep.

Unprompted and peaceful exchange of property. May 2, 2015.

Hip, hip, hooray! 

And if my exciting retelling this tale of lore (bore?), here is some photo evidence.

Food on NetFlix #StreamTeam

I've been really trying my best at not buying too much food. It's definitely one of our biggest expenses, and I don't even attempt to buy organic stuff! Lately, I give myself dates that I have to wait until to go grocery shopping save for milk and yogurt and bananas and the like which we normally pick up on Sundays when we grab donuts. This means we've been eating less exciting dinners, but that hasn't stopped me from one of my favorite past times - food shows! You would think that watching a documentary about a chef or watching a delicious creamy recipe come together would be torture when being disciplined about our spending, but there is just something about food shows that is relaxing to me. Here are some of the ones that I have been enjoying on Netflix:

The Pioneer Woman: I adore Ree Drummond. She lives on a ranch, homeschools, seems so down to earth and she doesn't skimp on ingredients. I have never had a bad experience with one of her recipes. 

Chef's Table: I don't think I would ever pay to go to some of the restaurants these chefs own because I'd rather eat some creamy mac and cheese, but this Netflix group of documentaries about six chefs have been very interesting to watch. 

Iron Chef America (2010 season) These chefs are so creative under fire! 

Diners, Drive-ins and Dives: Guy Fieri isn't exactly my cup of tea, but the places that he visits definitely are. We've been to five or so places that we've discovered on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, and they have all been belly-rubbin' good. 


Jiro Dreams of Sushi: I watched this with Chris and my brother-in-law (a foodie) a couple summers ago, and it was astonishing to see the dedication of the master sushi chef. It did make me a bit sad to see how much of a workaholic he was and that he was rarely home. 

What are your favorite food shows to watch?

I am part of the Netflix #StreamTeam so I will be writing one post a month about movies and shows that have made me happy to have in our family queue. To be totally forthcoming, I have been compensated with a streaming device and a one year streaming subscription to Netflix, but this is a service that I have used at minimum four times a week for the past four years (and at many points in the timeline, everyday) so you can say that I am definitely excited to be partnering with them. Woohoo!




And we've hatched!

Not Baby #3, of course. I'm writing about Hatch Prints, my Etsy shop. The idea of Hatch Prints had been brewing in my mind for a while since I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for when perusing wall art on Etsy or Pinterest. Of course, I found many things that I love. There were loads and loads of beautiful Scripture passages and  listing after listing of clever sayings and quotes. Nevertheless, quotes from people I admired that were of the same modern and delicate style that I preferred were few and far between.  

And so at 4am on a night in December when me staying at home while living on a paltry student stipend and four different methods of income between the two of us looked impossible, I felt a cliche, but nevertheless true, moment of clarity. The fire was lit, and the confidence to start a shop full of artwork and truth was mine. 

Why the name Hatch Prints? Here is a tidbit from the shop's about page

"The name Hatch Prints hatched as a perfect way to put all my eggs of inspiration into one basket. First, the word "hatch" pays homage to resurrection and new life, two principles that are dear to me and capture a little bit of what I want this to become. Second, the character of Mary Hatch Bailey from Frank Capra's It's a Wonderful Life has continuously stood in my mind as a spouse and woman like whom I aspire to be. She could turn a drafty run-down house into a home full of life and love and never cease in finding a way to support George Bailey. I see this shop as a creative opportunity to be the Mary Hatch for my family and to you: the wife who unceasingly believes, the mother who can patiently spell out h-a-l-l-e-l-u-j-a-h, and the friend who brings your home the blessings of bread, wine and salt in the form of hand lettering and art. "

In that early morning "moment of clarity" I knew my inspiration was Mary Bailey. Bailey Paper Company was going to be my shop. The next second it was going to be Bailey Paper and More; but then I realized I didn't want my shop to be a complete copycat of Bailey Building and Loan. After months of playing around with names containing key items from the movie and plenty of patient soundboard-ing from Chris and my best friend, I landed on Hatch Prints. It feels right. 

And it felt so right to be up again last night in the wee hours of the morn prepping the listings and offering prayers up of early thanksgiving  that I will be the happiest if I sell just one print. I told Chris, who is about to have finals, that I feel like this is the best late-night-before-a-final I've ever studied for in my life. I didn't even need coffee! Grand openings come made with a caffeine of their own.

Thank you for all of the encouragement and prayers that you have been so kind to give me as I've been laboring through the set up of the shop. Here's to day one!

Around the internet

Happy Tuesday to you! We've had a nicely active day with a trip to the post office, lake to see the ducks and geese, dirt hill climbing and boatloads of outside play at home. Now let's pray the boys don't have a meltdown at a group dinner we are going to tonight.

I've been gathering links since February and then I lost a whole bunch, but I've tried to remember most of them. 

First off, watch this animated short about a married couple stuck in their ways. Watch it! 

There is a fundraiser currently going on at Gregory the Great Academy, an all-boys boarding school in Pennsylvania, to help provide tuition for students in need. If you'd like to contribute to the cause, check it out over here

I loved this reflection on motherhood and how her thoughts differ from before

This watercolor world map is pretty neat and seems doable to me

If I had the time or even one half day, I would want to make at least one of these darling maternity outfits from Cotton and Curls

There will be a watermelon for a belly this summer, but otherwise I would be perusing this roundup of swimsuits

Who knows what we will end up doing for school (my oldest is three! we have time), but I thought this post on the myths about homeschooling was well-thought out and reasoned

This post on taking photos and the speed of children growing up was terribly sweet. And Britt is expecting Baby #5! I'm so happy for the Fisk family.

Jenny (who has a brand spanking new site!) hosted a great week of posts for Infertility Awareness Week last week. I loved 9 Ways to Support a Couple Experiencing Infertility and Being Fruitful

I want to read this! I'm sure it's an upgrade from my current reading material

This garland looks easy peasy and would be lovely in my little makeshift studio.

I'm not currently the favorite parent which is a very welcome break from my point of view. This post on not being the favorite parent will be helpful when the sparkly dust on my "freedom" wears off. 

Ryan is four or so years away from receiving his First Communion, but here is a review of books on First Communion and First Confession that I'm going to pin. 

So what am I missing? What are some internet gems that you have seen around lately?